Paying Attention on Purpose

Mindfulness involves purposefully paying attention and giving conscious direction to your awareness. Mindfulness and awareness are similar, but different. For example, as you’re reading this right now, you might be aware of your surroundings but that awareness would not mean you are being mindful of them. Just by reading this last statement, you are now […]

Facing Your ‘Limiting Beliefs’

Let’s look at how people – you included – might block success. We once met a realtor named Joyce, who’d been working in real estate for 10 years and was a middle-of-the-pack producer. Joyce had long felt that something was holding her back, but she couldn’t quite identify what it was. We discovered, after spending […]

Exploring the Blame Game

“Don’t ever forget two things I’m going to tell you. Don’t believe everything that is written about you. Don’t pick up too many checks.” – Babe Ruth Let’s look at some of the pathologies of blaming, complaining and making excuses. This will help us understand the negative aspects of these things What do you sound […]

Owning It: No Blaming, Complaining or Excuses

Blaming, complaining and making excuses are all crutches for the weak, as you’ll realize more and more when you begin to think like a Fearless Leader. Take, for example, a recent conversation that I had with a small-business owner who had requested a Fearless Leaders training session for his employees: He was surprised that the […]

Own It: No Blaming, Complaining or Excuses

“Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.” – Erica Jong Do you hate it when people complain? It turns out there’s a good reason: Listening to too much complaining is bad for your brain in multiple ways, according to Trevor Blake, a serial entrepreneur and […]

How to Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

How can you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Use these following techniques to learn, grow, improve and step out of fear. Brief intervals. You can build up your tolerance for discomfort by intervals. It’s like getting into better physical condition: You need to work out several times a week over a long period of time […]

Destructive and Constructive Anxiety

Excessive stress and anxiety can hurt you mentally, emotionally and physically. Excessive negative stress will actually block your use of the executive part of your brain, the most advanced portion of your brain where your willpower and ability for higher consciousness thinking exists. In sport and performance psychology, it’s well known that there is a […]

Sharpening Your Focus

Regardless of how you measure the “priority of life” or face and overcome your “fears,” or choose to recognize beauty or greatness in others, your ability to be a Fearless Leader, to sharpen your focus and reclaim your confidence in any situation is the key to finding success in your own life right now. In […]