The Importance of Being Genuine

There’s an enormous amount of research suggesting that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your performance at work. Companies like Multihealth Systems, Talent Smart, Six Seconds and other providers of Emotional Assessment tools have tested the EQ of more than a million people and found that it explains 58% of success in all types of […]

Don’t Focus on What You Don’t Want

After reading these blogs about passion, motivation, positive thinking, are you still a non-believer? Then as you read on, please don’t think about a pile of crap. Don’t focus on poop. Don’t create a picture of poop in your mind or think about a bunch of poop about to be dumped on you. What are […]

How Do You Expand the Mindful Moment?

You can expand mindful moments by increasing both the length of time of mindfulness and the depth of mindfulness. Mindful moments expand when you are able to stay in your observer-self, continuing to see your own beliefs, thoughts and emotions non-judgmentally. To create a mindful moment, you can develop cues for yourself. When you have […]

Why Create Mindful Moments?

If you don’t create more mindful moments you leave money and happiness on the table. Mindfulness allows you to slow down your thoughts, increase your focus, enhance your creativity and understand more thoroughly the effect of your strategies and actions. If you want to be a better leader, greater mindfulness is important, indeed, it’s essential. […]

Having a Mind Like a River

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson Here is a mindful moment mastery technique is for dealing with destructive thoughts. Both in preparing for important events and during those events you will sometimes have negative or self-defeating thoughts, usually based out of fear. Here is […]

Fearless Leaders Create Mindful Moments

Here is an exercise to help you become more mindful. Answer each question on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 for never, and 5 for always. Do you consciously enhance your awareness and let go of judgment when you are seeking a creative solution? Are you aware when your mind is on auto-response […]

Transcendent Mindful Moments

Mindful moments can be transcendent As a leader, when you master your mind to the level that you can consciously choose to have mindful moments, you create expanded possibilities and can then make higher conscious choices and decisions from these possibilities. When you are being mindful, you might transcend rational thought and engage with your […]

Mindfulness…Sip by Sip

Savor life, don’t devour it without appreciation. In their best-selling business book, “The Republic of Tea: Letters to a Young Zentrepreneur,” authors
 Mel Ziegler, Sill Rosenzweig, and Patricia Ziegler suggest that we live life “sip by sip” rather than “gulp by gulp,” as most of us do. Mel and Pat Ziegler and entrepreneur Bill Rosenzweig […]

Test Your Mindfulness of Living in the Moment

Here is an exercise to determine your own state of mindfulness, and what are your priorities for staying in the moment. Self-reflection. Answer each question with a 1 for “never,” up to a 5 for “always.” Other people notice that you can be extraordinarily, intentionally present with them. When taking on a challenge, you can […]

Learning to Create Mindful Moments

Here are steps to learning to create mindful moments in disagreements using mental rehearsal (much like athletes do to practice physical skills). Imagine someone disagreeing with you. Respond with, “that’s interesting,” then drop your thoughts into the time and space of mindfulness. Then say “I’d like to understand why you think that.” Listen without judgment, […]