Why Special Operators Make Great Coaches

The unique formula behind the Fearless Leaders Group boils down to two things:

1) Our cross-industry backgrounds in special operations, academia and business

2) Our uniquely powerful Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model, which is science-based, reality-tested, and capable of generating rapid results

Much of the Fearless Leaders Group website discusses the coaching model and the science behind it, but this page is focused on the hybrid nature of our coaches and coaching.

So what's so important or beneficial to having special operators as coaches?

Special Operators create readiness, agility, and adaptability in themselves and their teams while operating in the most chaotic, rapidly changing, and demanding of environments. And, again, they do just about everything they do as a cohesive, organized team.

In short, special operators and first responders -- especially those in leadership positions -- have to confront their own psychology and those of their teammates on a daily basis in order to accomplish their missions. Moral Courage and Emotional Intelligence are absolute requirements. 

This gives operators an especially deep insight into leadership. And not just battlefield leadership. It gives them insight on how to hold a team together when:

So while it may initially seem like a stretch to equate the military (or elite government or law enforcement units) with highly innovative or technology focused companies, there's actually a very deep commonality around what's required to succeed.

Other Factors

Beyond their experience as operators, there are a few other factors that make these guys great coaches.

  • Business and executive level experience outside of the military and law enforcement. All of our coaches have co-founded businesses or held leadership and/executive level positions in business.
  • First hand experience as coaches under the fearless leaders program. All of the coaches have been previously coached, so they all know what it's like to be on the other side of the coaching relationship.
  • Extensive training on Emotional & Social Intelligence, the EQi suite of assessments, and The Fearless Leaders Coaching Model. Our coaches are all trained and certified.
  • Hand selected by Dr. Cathy Greenberg as great guys. We're stating it pretty boldly, here, but the truth is that Dr. Cathy Greenberg has worked with thousands of executives, leaders, and operators over the years, and these are the people that she chose to work with. And a large part of the selection process was, how genuine are they? What is their character like? What kind of natural leadership and coaching potential do they have?

Applying Operator Skills to Business

Anyone and any organization doing great work is often confronted by these same challenges when:

  • The market or competition or technology throws them a curve ball requiring rapidly reformulating a plan/product/campaign
  • Tight deadlines or envelope-pushing technology forces workers to confront the possibility of failure and to bring out their most inspired and courageous work
  • Set-backs threaten to crush morale
  • Difficult conversations and confrontations tempt leaders to mentally "remove" themselves from the moment or deal with issues from afar rather than face to face

In other words, if you're looking to become a fearless leader, the very best coach you can have is a fearless warrior who has also proven to be a consummate coach.

But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And we think you'll find The Fearless Leaders Group coaches to provide the most extraordinary and effective leadership coaching you've ever experienced.

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