Who is Dr.Cathy Greenberg?

And Who are the Fearless Leaders Group Coaches?

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The messenger matters as much as the message.

So our messengers are every bit as impressive and transformative as the message.

Dr.Cathy Greenberg

Dr. Cathy Greenberg’s unique background includes a PhD in Behavioral Science, experience as a managing director of Accenture, and coaching elite military operators.

The Coaches

All of The Fearless Leaders Group Coaches are also Master Trainer Certified in the fearless leadership coaching model and outside assessments.

Leadership Experience

Our coaches background and genuine leadership experience in special operations provides superior leadership coaching.

Scientist + Executive + Leadership Coach

Dr. Cathy Greenberg's leadership coaching (as well as the coaching model she co-created) combines science-based diagnostics and tools with real-world savvy, practicality and impact. In other words, it works!

Leaders Who Can Lead & Coaches Who Can Coach

When you bring in outside consultants, it's natural -- and smart -- to question their credentials before they start consulting, and to take a hard look at their track record with previous clients.

See The Difference For Yourself

The Master Training Specialist

While we're justly proud of our coaches backgrounds as special operators and first responders, their training in leadership coaching and psychological assessments goes well beyond that.

Why Operators Make Great Coaches

Special Operators create readiness, agility, and adaptability in themselves and their teams while operating in the most chaotic, rapidly changing, and demanding of environments.

The Coaches

All of The Fearless Leaders Group Coaches are also master trainer certified in the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model and outside assessments.

You need real leaders who have become and are real coaches, working off of a proven coaching and development model that works.

That's exactly what Dr. Cathy Greenberg and The Fearless Leaders Group Coaches represent.

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