Aggregated Results

Due to confidentiality, we can't directly reveal client results, however, we can reveal larger-scale and third-party reported results for companies employing Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness-based leadership training.

The University of Pennsylvania published the results from a survey of 3,000 companies

Which showed that an investment of 10 percent of revenue on capital improvements yielded a 3.9 percent rise in productivity, while the same investment in people yielded an 8.5 percent increase in productivity. That's over a 100% increase in return on investment.

According to the Watson Wyatt research firm

Companies rated as having the best people practices provided a 64 percent total return to shareholders over a five-year period, more than three times the 21 percent return for companies with the weakest practices, based on a survey of 750 companies worldwide.

Statistical Analysis performance by Kevin Gergson with Sherood Solution shows

Activities directly related to emotionally intelligent employees have a far more profound impact on stock price than quantitative results.

The SAS Institute:

The research arm for the largest private software company in the world has a turnover rate of less than five percent, compared to a 20 percent industry average, with savings of at least $85 million annually.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer at Stanford University

Managing people in ways that build high commitment creates returns of 30 to 50 percent.

Research conducted by Daniel Goldman

Indicates that 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence

And In a pilot project at PepsiCo

Executives selected for EQ competencies far outperformed their colleagues,delivering:

  • 10% increase in productivity.
  • 87% decrease in executive turnover ($4m).
  • $3.75m added economic value.
  • over 1000% return on investment.

In other words, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness matter. And improving them delivers real world and bottom-line results.

Return On Leadership

Also, you may have noticed from those reported results that improving leadership improves the organization as a whole:

  • Better bosses make for happier more effective workers.
  • And better leadership guidance and teamwork makes for better business strategy and execution.
  • Finally, better hiring and retaining leads to dramatically higher ROI from every organizational training and improvement effort – you’re getting to keep and make better use of more of the people you’ve invested in.

This is one reason why The Fearless Leaders Group talks about Return on Leadership (ROL) as much as ROI: if you’re investing in a leader, why not measure the return based on the lifetime value of that leader rather than next quarters or next year’s numbers?

Business Results from hiring, promoting, and training with Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness training that is an integral part of The Fearless Leaders Coaching Model has been around longer and therefore has compiled a more documented track record of business success.

The value of Emotional Intelligence in business comes from these factors:

1. Emotional Intelligence skills and scores accurately correlate with and account for performance differences in all jobs tested so far, ranging from top executives, sales associates, collection agents, call center techs, and more. Over tens of thousands of surveyed executives, managers, and workers have showed that EI accounts for the difference between star performers and everyone else.

2. Hiring and Promoting based on Emotional Intelligence scores has proven to dramatically increase performance, retention, and organizational effectiveness.

3. Emotional Intelligence can be developed and measurable, objectively validated progress and improvement can be achieved in as little as 3 months. In other words, Emotional Intelligence goes beyond preference-based tests because it provides direction for improvement.

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