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Creating Rapid Transformation Through Coaching

Encompassing Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

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Explore the Fearless Leaders Group Four Quadrant Model along with our real-world results and Fearless Leaders Group tools.

About The Book

The Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus book by Greenberg and North. Packed with How-To Tools and Inspirational Case Studies on the "ARTE" of fearless leading.

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See what the Fearless Leaders Group can do for you, and discover the details of implementing a program in your organization.

Practical Transformation

Fearless Leaders Coaching focuses on strengthening each individual's unique leadership and emotional intelligence deficits.

Combined with science-based tools and exercises, you have a recipe for practical transformation. Just ask our clients, read our case studies, or review our results for details.

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Science-Based, Reality Tested, Bottom-Line Proven

Our Coaching Model represents the culmination and refinement of 30 years of work.

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High Caliber Coaches and Science-Based Coaching Model

You can’t help but get great results for each individual leader, and for the organization as a whole.


About The Fearless Leaders Group, The Fearless Leaders Coaches, and Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Fearless Leadership

Our Definition Of Fearless Leadership Isn't Just Practical - It's Actionable!

The Science

Fearless Leaders Coaching Model - The Science of Happiness, The Science of Courage, and The Science of Mindfulness.

A Process That Meets You Where You Are

Whether your organization already has a world-beating culture and advanced organizational learning and development programs in place, or is just starting on formal leadership training, the Fearless Leaders Model can meet your people where they are and deliver outstanding results.

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Fearless Leaders Coaching is inherently customized and tailored for your organization because it begins with a survey/ diagnosis and moves from there to customized, individual coaching.


The paradox of focusing on individual coaching and transformation is that not only do you rapidly achieve individual change, but you also accelerate organizational results as well.

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Different leaders manifest fearlessness differently. Find out What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You? with our fun, interactive quiz and get a gift copy of Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus.

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The Fearless Leader Group provides consulting, coaching, and training to a wide variety of organizations. Learn how we can help yours.


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If You Are Interested In Fearless Leaders, But Not Quite Sure, Ask Yourself a Simple Question:

What else do I need to know or understand before I’m ready to take the next step? If you don’t have an answer to that question, it’s probably fear masquerading as procrastination. We can help you uncover, then overcome your faces of fear — but only after you take that next step. Are you ready to start?

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