Transforming to Fearless: Culture Is Crucial, Focusing On It Directly Is Not

Every institution has its own character and culture, which influences everyone within it.

If it's a good culture, this is a great thing. Think of the U.S. Marine Corps, The U.S. Navy SEALs, Apple, or Amazon or Pixar: all of these organizations have their own culture, ethos, and character that helps to form and is continually entrusted to its leadership.

And if it's a bad culture, the results are positively toxic: think Enron.

So it’s no surprise that many companies have come to see “culture” as a primary concern for leadership. Unfortunately, there’s a pitfall to focusing directly on culture.

The Pitfall and the Solution

The pitfall is that focusing directly on culture rarely works.

To change the culture you have to change the leadership. Occasionally this means literally changing leadership, as in getting rid of toxic leaders.

But more often it means changing the leaders you have by empowering them to improve their Emotional & Social Intelligence, Mindfulness, and ability to foster a fearless attitude in themselves and their people.

Simply put, when you empower the leader, the leader improves her command climate.

And when you improve the command climate of enough leaders, you end up with a high-performance culture — faster and more efficiently than you ever could have if you’d tried to change the culture directly.

And that’s how you transform an organization to fearless one leader at a time.

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