The Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model

The Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model is a Four Quadrant model that bridges the gap between coaching that provides effective tools and techniques, and coaching aimed at fundamentally transforming a leaders core abilities and approaches. It does this by focusing on Four Core Leadership Characteristics/Abilities, and then providing not only tools for each quadrant, but assessments and exercises aimed at creating long-term, fundamental change within the leader.

These Four Quadrants of the Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model include:

And what this working definition provides us, is the ability to break these traits down and show you how to emulate, build, and strengthen them in yourself. How to move from where you are now (and where your people are now) to where you need to be to become an effective leader.

An Intuitive Understanding of "Fearless"

But beyond the operating characteristics and definitions, we intuitively know what a fearless leader is, because most of us have been blessed with the presence of at least one fearless leader in our life. And we can just sense that they’re different.

These are the people who are unabashedly swinging for the fences in life while consistently summoning the mental focus, emotional reserves, and self-awareness necessary to make those ambitions a reality. And they do this in a way that draws others to them and their goals, inspiring others to want to be on their “team.”

People want to be around these types of leaders, they buy into their vision for the company or community, and willingly follow them for the chance to do great work that matters. Mostly because everyone can naturally sense the deep courage and existential integrity behind these leaders; their fearlessness shines through.

The Power of the Four Quadrant Model

The four characteristics simply tell you why and how these people are able to have that impact on those around them — and most importantly -- they tell you how you can too.

Whenever you take what has formerly been considered an in-born trait and break it down into learnable skills, you move that quality from the realm of the unattainable to the trainable.

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