Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching - Phase 1

Beyond Self-Reported Scores?

You’re a leader. So shouldn’t your leadership assessment actually include the people you lead? And the people you report to? And your colleagues?

While the EQi 2.0 Assessment identifies emotional and social intelligence based on your personal responses, the EQ-360® assessment provides a more in-depth analysis by having those who work closely with you provide information as well. When observer ratings are compared with the results of a standard EQ-i self-report, a more complete 360-degree profile emerges.

And this more accurate and more complete profile can then be used to help your coach focus in on your biggest opportunities for improvement to accelerate your progress and results.


Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching - Phase 1



What Will It Do For Me?

The Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching - Phase 1 is an in-depth method in which you choose three direct reports, three peers, and at least one boss to rate you using the EQi 360. The results are then cross-analyzed with your own self-reported scores.

Using this information, your Fearless Leaders coach will be able to focus on areas of mismatch between your self-report and employee or peer or boss reports and to provide focused, laser coaching for improvement.

Phase 1 of this coaching service includes

  • Initial EQi 360 Assessments
  • Initial 60-90 minute coaching session with Fearless Leaders coaches
  • Everything else mentiond in other Blueprint service offerings, to include audio and visual tracks, including a full set of written Fearless Exercises & Workbook Materials
  • The opportunity to add on and persue additional coaching spots


This program will give you insights into your legitimate leadership strengths and challenges in a way not possible with anything other than a 360-degree review focused on Emotional and Social Intelligence.

You'll have an objective understanding of not only how YOU see yourself as a leader, and not only what the test indicates as well, but a clear picture of how others see you as well. When you combine that, triangulating a crystal clear picture of your real challenges, strengths, and opportunities becomes easy, in a way that's simply not possible without this kind of 360 degree assessment.

And the real benefit of all this is the unique opportunity to become a far more self-aware, astute, and effective leader.

WhatWhat You Get

You will receive all of the written and audio content for the Complete Blueprint for Success package PLUS an EQi 360 Assessment for you along with a one-hour coaching session.

The Complete Blueprint for Success content includes:

Core Knowledge Audio Coaching Sessions on:

  • Fearless Focus Sessions (Audio Tracks)
  • Creating Fearless Space
  • Setting a Fearless Mindset
  • Inspiring & Motivating Teams
  • Fearless Change & Innovation
  • Cultivating a Culture to Thrive In
  • Confidently Leading Transitions

Fearless Leaders Techniques Video Coaching Sessions:

  • Stimulating Your Courageous Neuro Network (the PFP Sandwich)
  • The Energy Audit
  • Fearless Leaders Breathing Exercise
  • 4 Step Mastery of Fear Process
  • How to Learn from Failure

Fearless Exercises & Workbook Materials

EQi 360 assessment for you, three direct reports, and one boss.

An evaluation assessment debrief

90 Minutes of personal coaching spaced between 2-3 coaching sessions

The Process

We will coordinate with you and your people to ensure minimal disruption and maximum psychological insight from the 360 interview process. Once we have coordinated and received the contact information, each of them will be invited to fill out the survey online. Once all the results are in, we will provide them to you along with a 60 minute coaching session.


Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching

Leadership Report with Audio + Video Digital Delivery




Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching

Leadership Report with Audio + Video Boxed Set




Fearless Leaders EQi 360 Coaching

Leadership Report with Audio + Video Boxed Set + Digital Delivery



In addition to a general introduction to fearless leaders, you’ll get six short audio sessions, lasting 8-12 minutes a piece, Dr. Cathy Greenberg will walk you through the core knowledge.

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