Blueprint For Success Complete + Coaching

Got Coaching?

If you really want to move ahead fast, find out what's holding you back by assessing, predicting and enhancing key behaviors to strengthen or overcome your flaws.

Whatever your bottleneck on effectiveness is, focus on courageous actions specifically customized to positively impact your performance in as little as 90 days.

Boom! Instant increase in throughput, effectiveness, and happiness. But you can’t focus on the bottlenecks without taking an assessment first, and you can’t take an assessment and have it analyzed without a coach.

That’s where the Blueprint for Success With a Coach comes in.


Blueprint For Success Complete + Coaching



What Is It?

This Hybrid Product / Coaching Service consists of a combination of

Get One-On-One Fearless Leadership coaching sessions PLUS an EQi assessment and evaluation brief plus everything already contained in the Complete Blueprint Package:

  • The Fearless Leaders Complete Blueprint for Success,
  • An EQi 2.0 Assessment and Debrief
  • 90 minutes of executive level coaching from a Fearless Leaders Group Coach.

So not only will you get all of the audio and video coaching sessions providing you with the core fearless leaders knowledge and key, go-to tools and techniques, you'll also get a full Emotional Intelligence assessment, 90 minutes worth of coaching sessions, usually divided up into 2-3 coaching sessions, consisting of:

  • An initial coaching session to guide you through interpreting your EQi 2.0 results. During this assessment debrief, your Fearless Leaders Group coach will help you understand your results, show you exactly where your EI strengths and weaknesses are, and set a path for building up your limiting factors or greatest opportunities for improvement

  • One or two follow-up coaching sessions to see how the tools, techniques, and plan is working for you and provide any feedback or course corrections on your journey to Fearless.

What You Get

In addition to the EQi assessment and evaluation brief, you’ll recieve 90 minutes of one-on-one custom coaching from our Fearless Leaders coaches. And you get to choose the breakdown of those 90 minutes: all at once, three half-hour sessions, an hourlong plus a half-hour session. It’s entirely up to you.

You will receive all of the written and audio content for the Complete Blueprint for Success package PLUS an EQi 2.0 Assessment and Evaluation, plus 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching. A more detailed listing includes:

Core Fearless Leaders Audio Coaching Sessions covering:

  • Creating Fearless Space
  • Setting a Fearless Mindset
  • Inspiring & Motivating Teams
  • Fearless Change & Innovation
  • Cultivating A Culture to Thrive In
  • Confidently Leading Transitions

Fearless Leaders complete + coaching is also available as a complete set of training sessions on Fearless Leader Techniques. Techniques that'll show you how to:

  • Stimulating Your Courageous Neuro Network —You can strengthen your neural networks just like a muscle. And this is the exercise to strengthen your neural network of courage.

  • The Energy Audit —Learn how to give your best energy to your most important and effective priorities and people, so that your energy gets recharged. And learn how to handle emotional and energy "vampires" and keep them from draining you and distracting you.

  • Breathing Exercise —An especially effective variant of "Tactical Breathing," that can throw off stress, increase your energy, and regain focus. This one is a life saver -- sometimes literally!

  • 4 Steps Mastery of Fear —Four steps you can take anywhere to utterly drain the emotion out of your fears and step out of their way.

  • How to learn from failure —We're all supposed to learn from it, but learning isn't our first instinct in the face of failure. You have to learn to ask the right questions, take the right perspective, and give yourself the emotional courage and freedom to really learn from failure. This video teaches you how.

  • Complete Fearless Leaders Tools —PDF/Written copies of the Exercises Manual, plus the Fearless Leaders Workbook

  • 90 Minutes of personal coaching —The client can choose how to spend those 90 minutes, but most choose to spread them out over 2-3 coaching sessions

  • A Full EQi assessment and evaluation debrief — From a Fearless Leaders Group coach and certified EQi 2.0 administrator/expert


This programThis program will essentially tailor the Fearless Leaders Blueprint for Success program to your exact situation and needs, bringing the power of a full Emotional Intelligence assessment and one-on-one coaching to the program.

Not only will this accelerate your improvements, but it will bring all of the benefits that personal coaching is known for providing:

  • added insight,
  • feedback, and customization of your program,
  • added ability to gauge progress and react to new challenges

Think of it this way, what program would improve your athletic performance the most? One which took a full assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and needs, or one that just put you through a basic workout? And are you more likely to achieve your fitness goals with a coach or just on your own?

MuchMuch the same thing can be said with Fearless Leadership — sometimes there’s just no substitute for a coach, and there’s no denying the benefits of a customized approach based on a scientific assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day, what the coaching program will do for you is improve your leadership effectiveness to the point where everyone who works with and for you will notice. So that the best people in your company will want to work for you over other leaders and bosses.

Because when it’s a choice between fearless and fear-driven, between emotionally intelligent and emotionally unaware, top talent will always choose fearless, and emotionally intelligent.

Why not be the boss everyone wants to work for and with?

The Process

Here’s how the process of getting your assessment and coaching actually works:

  • Within 5 minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an e-mail containing your membership ID and password to the Fearless Leaders Coaching site. Once you login you will have instant access to the 12 learning modules, which you’ll be able to move through at your own pace.

  • At the same time, you’ll be provided access to an online version of the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Survey. It just takes a few minutes to go through the survey, and once your results come back, you’ll be put into contact with your Fearless Leaders Coach.

  • Your coach will then reach out to you and set up an initial time to explain your EQi 2.0 Results and coach you through your biggest opportunities for growth and improvement. Then he’ll discuss specific techniques and exercises to help you improve and send you access to training modules for those same techniques and exercises.

  • You’ll put your new knowledge and tools to work, do your exercises daily, and check back in with your coach after about two to three months to discuss progress. You’ll also have e-mail access to your coach to ask any questions you might have in applying the Fearless Leaders tools and exercises to your specific work and life situation.

GetGet Real Results

As you go through this process, you’ll be amazed at the results you see in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. In fact, you’ll see results and indicators a lot faster than that, but the improvements are cumulative, so what you see at the two-month mark is the “can’t miss it” stuff that everyone around you will notice too. So not only will you gain real insight into who and how you are as a leader and colleague, but you’ll have the tools, techniques, and exercises to improve and grow, based on that knowledge. You’ll even have a coach to help you do it.


Blue Print For Success
With a Coach - Video Program

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Blue Print For Success
With a Coach - Video Program



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Blue Print For Success
With a Coach - Video Program

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In addition to a general introduction to fearless leaders, you’ll get six short audio sessions, lasting 8-12 minutes a piece, Dr. Cathy Greenberg will walk you through the core knowledge.

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