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Enhancing Happiness, Courage, and Mindfulness.

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The Science of Happiness, Courage, and Mindfulness

Helps individual leaders and organizations drive out fear and foster greater employee engagement

The Science of Happiness

A happy life, career, and work culture, and how that applies to becoming an effective leader.

The Science of Happiness

The Science of Courage

Courage is a cognitive skill or "muscle," and you can learn, build, exercise and strengthen it.

The New Science of Courage

The Science of Mindfulness

It's been proven that mindful meditation leads to increased mindfulness throughout the entire day.

Mindfulness & Leadership

Real World, Measurable Results

Measurable results are a key part of workplace applications of Positive Psychology, ESI, and Mindfulness.

Measurable Results

The Message and Importance of Positive Psychology

The essential "message" of Positive Psychology is that the essential traits for human effectiveness and greatness are learnable, trainable, build-able skills. That those of us who aspire to become great or fearless leaders can be provided with a clear roadmap to achieving that goal.

That’s what the Fearless Leaders Model and Coaching program is all about.

Why Positive Psychology Matters

Building Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) Is Often The Missing Key

The dirty truth about how most people really think about leadership is that they think it's innate: either you have something in you that makes people want to follow you and be part of your mission, or you don't. Sometimes it's called "Charisma" a la Max Weber, and sometimes it's just called "Greatness" or "Genius" or "Natural Born Leadership."

Learn About ESI

Why Mindfulness Matters

When you strengthen your Mindfulness, you strengthen your very ability to recognize and stay conscious of your behavior and thinking patterns. And that gives you the ability to improve and correct them, which makes all the difference.

Why ESI is Often The Missing Key

Most people will admit that leadership effectiveness can be taught, they also think there's an essential X-Factor, if you will, that can't be taught. The beauty of ESI is that it supplies the path to building this missing X-Factor. It provides a path to become "great" or "fearless."

Connecting Fearless & Happiness

Happiness equals profit. Fearless equals freedom. High-performing cultures need both parts of this equation to determine their own futures and stay in front of their fields and industries.

Becoming Fearless Means Being The Best, Most Real Version of You Possible

You have a unique personality, a God-given temperament, and a personal life history that all go into what your personal leadership style will look and feel like. And that means your efforts to improve will be vastly more effective if they match up with your authentic leadership style, than if they go "against the grain."

So the first step on your journey really ought to be finding out what kind of Fearless Leader you are. Why not start now?

What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You?

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