You Have A Fearless

Leader In You

Not everyone starts out as a natural leader — it’s a learnable skill. Those who’ve gone on to heroic greatness have channeled what’s best in them to develop their own flavor of leadership. And while every great leader has a leadership style that’s uniquely theirs, they also tend to fall into one of 4 types. As will you.

Do you know what style of leadership is most natural to you? Knowing is a great first step in becoming a better — and a fearless — leader?

What Kind of Fearless Leader are You

What you share with these Fearless Leaders are personality characteristics

Each of us shares traits with many of the people we look up to as leaders. We may have Lincoln’s forthrightness, Washington’s generosity of spirit, Franklin D Roosevelt’s resolve, Helen Keller’s determination and humanity. Each of us have something heroic within us, we all possess an Emotional Brilliance.

We all have them — we are either competitive, spontaneous, methodical or humanistic (and most likely a combination of all of them). And leaders throughout history have acted according to the preferences the show in their personalities.

You may also find some of your traits in the leaders you admire. Perhaps you admire leaders for their characteristics without fully articulating what those characteristics might be — and whether you share those traits with those heroes.

When talking about Fearless Leaders, however — and your traits that align with the leaders you admire — some personality types are more prevalent than others.

Discover Your Natural Leadership Strengths

You probably have an idea of what kind of person you are:

  • Reserved or Outspoken?
  • Competitive or Empathetic?
  • Judicious or Adaptable?
  • Sensory or Intuitive?

If you’re like Einstein & Streep


Both physicist Albert Einstein and actress Meryl Streep, who have strong competitive personality traits, make up only about 9% of the “heroic” population. These types tend to be highly driven and full of grand plans and ideas for their lives.

If you're like Mozart & hepburn


Those of a spontaneous nature, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Katharine Hepburn, make up approximately 31% of heroes. These types tend to be wildly creative, often the life of the party and naturally talented at multi-tasking.

If you're like Washington & Davis


Heroes of a methodical nature – such as George Washington or Betty Davis are types who are given to reflection as well as ambition. They make up the largest portion (among heroic types) of our population, approximately 39% of the total.

If you're like Lincoln & Oprah


There are approximately 21% of humanistic personality types, people such as Abraham Lincoln or Oprah Winfrey. Both developed their heroic abilities through recognizing their unique gifts and talents. Recognize yours by knowing yourself.

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