Creating Rapid Results: The Flywheel Effect and Organizational Change

Jim Collins calls It The Flywheel Effect:

  1. Hard work towards a transformation is reinvigorated when the benefits and positive changes are enjoyed by those doing the work.
  2. That emotional pay-off from visible results is then reinvested back into the transformation.
  3. This cycle then continues until the process of effort-results-renewed effort takes on enough momentum to start spinning on its own power.

This is what separates successful improvement efforts from (usually a string of) unsuccessful ones.

Achieving Flywheel Momentum Vs. Getting Sucked Into a "Death Spiral"

The key to the flywheel effect is for people to see benefits of the change early and often. And then to reinvest that positive energy back into the change efforts. That creates rapid change.

And if the benefits are real-world benefits, you should be getting more done -- becoming more effective and efficient -- with each turn of the cycle.

Unfortunately, a lot of change efforts are all-or-nothing affairs: you don't start seeing the real benefit until well after you've completed the entire change:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software deployments are often like this.
  • So are most Six Sigma and ISO-style quality control programs.

Because of the lack of intermediate or shorter term rewards, there's no flywheel effect to these efforts, and it can feel like a tremendous burden to undertake these efforts AND keep productivity up to a maximum. This is why so many of these deployments fail.

The Fearless Leaders Model Has Flywheel Momentum "Baked In"

Fortunately, Fearless Leaders Group Coaching and Consulting delivers real-world benefits at each step of the way.

Every time your leaders move the bar forward on any one of The 4 Characteristics, or any time they practice any of the exercises or put The Science of Mindfulness to work, they will see results they can feel and measure in their real-world work.

When you start driving fear out of the work place and inspiring more courageous work from your employees, everyone can sense it. You'll see greater employee engagement as you rapidly transform into a fearless workplace.

Start Creating Your Own Rapid Results

The Fearless Leaders Group has a range of custom consulting and coaching engagements to fit most any organization's needs, and all requiring impressively few work hours from each individual leader.

Or, if you'd like to get started individually, we recommend you take our What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You? Quiz.

How you manifest fearlessness will depend on your natural leadership style. This quiz will give you your three biggest leadership strengths to further accelerate your future progress.

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