Why Creative Types Thrive on Fearless Leadership As Much as Warriors

Fearless Leadership is just as much a requirement of (and benefit to) the artist and inventor as it is the warrior.

Because fearless leaders tend to be associated with Dr. Cathy Greenberg's hard-core corporate consulting as well as her work with elite military and para-military units, some people mistakenly assume that the model is more suited towards operational-driven companies than innovation-driven or “creative” organizations.

This is a mistake

Art Requires Fearless and Courageous Behavior On A Daily Basis

It's a mistake to dismiss the Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model for "creative class" workers because the "risks" taken in genuine exploration, invention, and creative work are inherently fear-inducing, which is especially the case when this is done in a group work environment.

And that means the organizational culture and the command climate fostered by leadership can either encourage and inspire courageously innovative work, or they can (unintentionally) hinder and impair this work through Emotional & Social Intelligence deficits and/or fear-driven behavioral patterns.

What the research has found is that creative companies experience significant benefits when they focus on applying the findings of Positive Psychology, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to their leadership and organizational development.

So you’ll find that the Fearless Leaders Group can meet your organization where you are with training that’s inherently customized to your unique needs and goals.

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