Deepening Mindfulness

Now that you can add more time to your moment of mindfulness, you can also add more depth. The depths feels a little bit like sinking deeper into your mind where you can access greater creativity and where you can develop a variety of choices as to how you would like to respond. Can you […]

Practicing Mindful Leadership

When I was in Bermuda doing research, I had an opportunity to test my anthropological “participant observer” skills while learning how to become an observant member of a primate group without intruding on the lives of the stump-tailed macaques that made up that group. The experience was not without missteps. On one occasion, one of […]

Show Up Ready

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli Are you ready for the best and most important moments of your life? Mindset Maniacs are. Are you confident and in control when you most need to be? As you prepare for your biggest challenges in life, do you know […]