Meeting You Where You Are

Customized Means Able to Start At the Right Place For You and Your Organization

In one respect, there are only two kinds of organizations:

  1. Those that have already put some kind of leadership and organizational development plan in place, and

  2. Those that are just starting to do so.

We can work with both organizations equally well, because every Fearless Leaders Group engagement is customized both for the organization and for each leader that receives coaching.

Just Starting Serious Leadership Development?

For those companies that are just starting with formal leadership development, the big question tends to be:

“How much time and resources will this take?”

And the answer for a Fearless Leaders Group engagement is: Surprisingly little.

Each leader will invest:

  • 5-15 minutes a day for Fearless Leaders Exercises, and
  • 60-90 minutes a month for coaching

And that leaves plenty of time for your leaders to get their actual work done.

Working With The Development Programs You Already Have In Place

For those companies that already have some kind of personal inventory or leadership development program, tools, or surveys in place, the inevitable question becomes:

“If we bring in this new system (such as Fearless Leaders), will it work with the system and program we already have invested time and resources into?”

Fortunately, the fearless leaders coaching model will easily work with most psychological or leadership development programs you may already be using.

  • MBTI® or DiSC®? No problem.
  • Total Quality Management? Can do.
  • 360 Evaluation Programs? We offer 360 Evaluations as well, and can even help your leaders understand and then improve their results and feedback from any previous evaluation you may have given.

The Bottom Line: Fearless Leaders Consulting and Coaching Engagments are tailored to the organization and can work with almost any leadership development program or framework you may have already invested in.

Have Questions About Fearless Leaders Group Compatibility? Call Us

If you're not sure or convinced, just call or e-mail and we'll be happy to review the tools, surveys, or frameworks you're using and let you know specifically about our ability to "play nice" with them.

For the most part, though, both the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model and The Fearless Leaders Group are “tool agnostic.”

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