Non-hierarchical Motivation

Why do the opinions of lower echelon employees matter? Alignment throughout an organization. The management consultant and author Noel Tichy addresses this in his trademarked theory about maintaining a “Teachable Point of View.” What Tichy calls a “virtuous teaching cycle” sets the stage for mutual learning requires teachers to be open to learning themselves and […]

The Story of a Positive Deviant

What do you do when faced with an impossible task? Jerry Sternin found out. He studied positive deviants, and in an impossible time frame, with essentially no money, and using a radical approach, he figured out how to save starving children in Vietnam. Jerry and Monique Sternin were on staff with Save the Children, which […]

The Triple Bottom Line

The phrase “the triple bottom line” was first coined in 1994 by John Elkington, who was the founder of a British consultancy called SustainAbility and is the Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Volans, a business focusing on sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation. Elkington argued that companies should be preparing three different (and quite separate) bottom […]

Becoming a Master of Mind Control

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.” – Mahatma Gandhi It used to be thought that few people were resilient, but more recently it’s become clear that this trait is much more prevalent among us. The question is: How do resilient individuals attain resilience? What characteristics grant them the ability to withstand adverse […]

Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Look at that question in the headline again. Do you? You’re not alone. We can’t even count the number of highly successful executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who’ve told us, “I feel like a fraud,” or something similar. And all these talented people had a secret fear. Just like one very powerful businessman, whom we’ll […]

How I Put On My ‘Oxygen Mask’ to Survive

Let me talk to you about a particular moment in my life when I needed to be courageous, fearless and a leader. By all outward indications, my life was a success. I had a lucrative career as an executive at a global firm. I was living in an eight-bedroom house on a very large estate […]

The Fearless Leader’s Secrets

We all want the secrets to success, and even those with leadership skills, or tendencies, will want to know what they can do to become better, more powerful, more fearless leaders. You’ll find as you read through the blogs I’ll be presenting to you over the next few months unique practices and habits, the secrets […]

Passion and Purpose

Nobody can tell you what your purpose is, but once you have found it, you will be inspired to take action and others will be happy to follow you. Obstacles that loom large for others will disappear. Fear and self-doubt will also disappear, because passion dissolves fear. You will live in your most courageous self […]

Ending Disenchantment

Americans are unhappy in their jobs. Americans are quitting their jobs of their own volition because they are seeking more personal fulfillment in their workplace lives. Several recent studies confirm that employee turnover rates are on the rise. A Kelly Services survey reports that 44 percent of the global workforce feels valued by their employer […]