Mindset Maniacs

Your mindset in approaching any goal-oriented situation can absolutely make or break you.

Through our work with professional athletes and special operations personnel in the military and law enforcement communities, we've learned just how essential it is to take control of your mindset before engaging in any critical activity.

If it's critical, you don't want to leave any meaningful factor up to chance. And your mindset is one of the most important factors of all -- one that you've got to prepare with the same focus than you'd use to prep your equipment, create and review your "plan of attack", practice your techniques, and so on.

This is why those leaders and warriors and athletes who compete at the extremes are "mindset maniacs" -- they know and live this truth every day.

Fearless leaders consistently and intentionally create an optimal state of mind before they even begin to engage in a challenging or important life situation, whether it's personal or professional.

Public speaking, receiving a performance review, or even just arriving home after a hard day's work are all times when our stress can be alleviated by simply learning to temper our self-defeatism.

Mindfulness and Mindset

Before they enter into any new setting, Mindset Maniacs know that the two most important facets to performing at their best include:

  • Having an aligned mind
  • Being fully prepared tactically, temperamentally and technologically

Focusing on their mindset allows them to both ensure they have an aligned mind and that they are fully prepared temperamentally.

But the path to getting there is spiral in it's development. Each fearless leader trait fosters the others.

Having the courage to fail makes it easier to stay in the moment. Being mindful helps you to know when your emotions and mindset slip. Checking in with yourself and focusing on your mindset before critical events helps to make your more mindful. And emotional and social intelligence provide the self regulation to help you deal with the stress and stay motivated, which makes it easier to exercise courage.

The Power of an Aligned Mind

We define aligned minds as creating a kind of symmetry between mental and emotional energy. Alignment eliminates distractions. Mental chaos or interference is a huge obstacle to your ability to focus and be totally present in pivotal life events.

Your subconscious mind has extraordinary power. Focusing on your mindset helps to harness this power by increasing the degree to which your unconscious mind is aligned with your conscious mind.

Focusing on your mindset can also strengthen your conscious mind by exercising greater control of your conscious thoughts feelings and associations before entering into a stressful situation. You are mentally priming yourself for top performance.

Steps for Improving Your Mindset and Creating An Aligned Mind

Here are the four brief steps to replace destructive thoughts with constructive ones in order to control your mind:

  1. Recognize and name destructive thoughts for what they are as soon as the enter into your mind.
  2. Stop and reset the destructive thought!
  3. Replace the destructive thought with a constructive thought. Put emotional juice into the new constructive thought.
  4. Use mental rituals and exercises to reinforce the constructive and maintain control of your mind and keep your mindset primed for success.

Fearless leaders are mindset maniacs for a reason: top performance in stressful situations is impossible without consciously taking control of your mindset and creating an aligned mind.

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