The Fearless Focus Program

The Fearless Leaders Group is the only consulting and coaching firm run by members of the special operations community with extensive business and coaching experience.

Fearless Focus Assessment

Every custom engagement starts with a Fearless Focus Assessment to detect and diagnose:

  • Patterns of behavior,
  • Leadership nodes and blocks,
  • Breakdowns in communication or trust up or down the chain of command,
  • Organizational challenges with hiring, promoting, and training

When you focus on the real limiting factors, it turns maneuvering around and conquering those problems a clear mission-driven task.

Custom Consulting & Coaching

Following the Fearless Focus Assessment, the Fearless Leaders Group will work with the client to create a custom engagement to address their specific needs, operating environment, timelines, and resources.

Fearless Focus Engagements can include

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Benchmarking of Positions for Required ESI and Leadership Skills and Profiles
  • Consulting on Hiring, Promotional, and/or Succession Planning,
  • Teamwork Building

While our focus is not always on coaching, it IS always on creating accelerated, measurable improvement in real-world and mission-critical abilities.

And creating that improvement usually requires working with key players on a one-on-one basis, regardless of whether you call that work "consulting" or "coaching."

Cost Structure

The basic Fearless Focus Assessment cost runs between $10,000 and $15,000, with the rates varying based on the size and needs of the organization.

The assessment is custom designed based on the size, stated challenges, and perceived needs of the organization.

When the assessment is complete, we will put together a custom approach to working with your organization. Typical costs for post-assessment engagements run in the low-to-mid five figures.

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