Empower Yourself to Champion Fearless Leaders Coaching

Need to persuade your organization to engage with Dr. Cathy Greenberg and her team for coaching?

We find that there are 5 basic "persuasive tipping points" that most leaders or boards respond to when looking at leadership coaching and training. And we've presented our best answers to these concerns and questions below, so that you can address them for yourself as well as for others on your team.

1) Is this program Evidence Based and Scientifically Validated?

The Fearless Leaders Model is based upon solid qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Postive Psychology, as well as the Science of Mindfulness and the Science of Courage.

We also start and end our coaching engagements with scientifically rigorous assessments in order to objectively measure progress.

In other words, there is sound neuroscience and psychology behind the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model and our engagement process.

2) Has this program achieved real world results?

In a word: Yes.

This type of coaching and our coaching model has achieved real-word and bottom-line results for clients such as Wal-Mart, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and U.S. Navy.  

Across the board, organizations that invest in effective leadership training reap higher ROI and profitability than those that don't. And this becomes especially the case when you account for Return on Leadership (ROL) as well as standard measures of ROI.  So we're happy to supply our success metrics and case studies.

3) How quickly can we see measurable results?

Because the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model and tools/exercises are as effective as they are, and because we coach individual leaders on a one-on-one, customized basis, we are able to see astoundingly rapid results.  

It's not magic. And it does take time. But leaders generally see results in themselves and their own command climates within 3 months.

Measurable organizational Key Performance Indicators generally show positive improvement within 6 months.

4) Will this work with our already existing programs and framework?

Yes. As specialists, we can meet you where you are, and that includes using and leveraging already-existing:

  • personality or temperament profiles,
  • leadership skills training, and
  • organizational development plans.

This is because the Fearless Leaders Model is tool-agnostic and because all the coaching is done at a customized, individual level.

All of which means that your organizational "readiness" for fearless leaders coaching is a non-issue so long as you have leadership buy-in for the program in general.

5) Who else uses them? Does it work for people in our market and industry?

While the Fearless Leaders Group is relatively new, Dr. Cathy Greenberg and our coaches are not, and they have a truly impressive combined client list which you can view here.

As for the question about whether this program will "work" for a given industry, vertical, or market, the short answer is that it will work anywhere that people interact with people and where leadership is necessary.

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