Every Engagement Is Customized

First, understand that every Fearless Leaders Group engagement is customized to the company or organization that hires us based on their situation, goals, and needs.

But there are some core elements that will give you a good idea of "what to expect."

Core Elements and A Common Timeline For Engagements

  1. We always assess and identify before we prescribe. Meaning every deployment begins with an Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment of the leaders for whatever levels your organization chooses to engage us. For those organizations looking to improve hiring and retention, promotional, and succession planning, we will also help you to benchmark various positions’ key emotional, social and leadership requirements.

  2. All coaching is done at the individual, one-on-one level and begins with the Fearless Leaders Group coach explaining the assessment results to that individual leader, exploring where the assessment may be indicating opportunities for growth or natural strengths to polish, and looking at tools, tips, and exercises to use in dealing with challenges and improving weak spots or limiting factors.

  3. The ratio of leaders to coaches will never move higher than 4 to 1. This is to maximize coaching focus for each leader.

  4. Each coaching session will typically occur over the phone and will last 60 to 90 minutes. In most cases, coaching sessions will be set up once every two weeks to once every month.

  5. In addition to being given specific tips, techniques, and tools for specific situations, most leaders can also expect to be introduced to daily mental and emotional exercises aimed at strengthening or building key leadership abilities. These exercises will generally take no more than 15 minutes to practice, with most of them taking less than 5 minutes.

  6. The benefits of these exercises are cumulative — they build with time. So even though individual leaders will find value from the engagement at the very first coaching session, changes wrought by the exercises and by intentional application of new leadership tools usually manifests itself most strongly after about 90 days.

  7. At the end of 90 days, the coaches will re-assess leaders to measure progress so that each leader can literally “see” her improved ESI scores on the EQi 2.0.

  8. Typical Fearless Leaders Group engagements last about 6 months, though most of our clients choose to continue working with us, many for several years running.

  9. The aim is to achieve hard, measurable results through improved, fearless leadership.

Getting a Better "Feel" and Moving Forward

If you're interested in working with The Fearless Leaders Group, please eview our Fearless Focus Consulting and Coaching Options.

Or contact us directly.

And if you would prefer to learn more about the model, a good start is to sign-up for our complimentary “What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You?” quiz

Learning which leadership strengths come most naturally to you is always a good start, and our free, interactive quiz will give you exactly that.

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