Basic BluePrint for Success

A Strategy for Success That Accelerates Results

Consider this an accelerated audio for “fast-learners,” covering all of the fearless leaders essential knowledge.

In addition to a general introduction to fearless leaders, you’ll get seven short audio sessions, lasting 8-12 minutes a piece. Dr. Cathy Greenberg will walk you through the core knowledge and framework of the fearless leaders coaching model.


Blue Print For Success Basic

Audio Program



What Will It Do For Me?

If you go through this program, learning and following the "Blueprint" you'll transform the way you:

  • Approach and mentally prepare for life and work by focusing on the benefits of setting a fearless mindset
  • Lead, coach, and mentor others while inspiring and motivating teams
  • Consciously act (instead of react) in the face of upsets and setbacks, and deal with difficult conversations, as part of your ability to confidently lead transitions
  • Create and strengthen your personal “command presence” and “command climate” by cultivating a culture to thrive in
  • And inspire courageous work by spearheading fearless change and innovation


The Basic Blueprint for Success is our entry level pass to our membership and educational website, providing you access to web pages for all six Fearless Focus sessions.

You will be able to listen to the audio for each session on it’s page, or download them for playback on your phone, iPod, car, etc. Transcripts of the audio are also available as PDF downloads. The audio plus written format means you’ll be able to learn and study the content where you want and need. You can listen to the audio during commutes, flights, and treadmill time, and use the transcripts to go back over and reinforce key concepts.

Want More?

Whatever further coaching or upgraded fearless leaders education you engage with will be built upon this same “core knowledge” foundation, making this an essential starting point for anyone looking to take their first steps towards implementing fearless leaders coaching for themselves or their organization.

In light of this, we happily provide “graduates” of this foundational series a discount on future coaching and educational purchases, because we know they’re prepared for accelerated gains.

Of course a full set of written Fearless Exercises & Workbook materials is also available as well as a complete set of video training sessions on key Fearless Leader Techniques.

  • Stimulating Your Courageous Neuro Network —You can strengthen your neural networks just like a muscle. And this is the exercise to strengthen your neural network of courage.

  • The Energy Audit —Learn how to give your best energy to your most important and effective priorities and people, so that your energy gets recharged. And learn how to handle emotional and energy "vampires" and keep them from draining you and distracting you.

  • Breathing Exercise —An especially effective variant of "Tactical Breathing," that can throw off stress, increase your energy, and regain focus. This one is a life saver -- sometimes literally!

  • 4 Step Mastery of Fear —Four steps you can take anywhere to utterly drain the emotion out of your fears and step out of their way.

  • How To Learn From Failure —We're all supposed to learn from it, but learning isn't our first instinct in the face of failure. You have to learn to ask the right questions, take the right perspective, and give yourself the emotional courage and freedom to really learn from failure. This video teaches you how.

  • Basic Blueprint for Success —Comes with a fearless leaders workbook and written compilations of exercises and techniques.

  • Truly Interested in Becoming a Fearless Leader? —But haven't felt like you had the tools or tactical know-how to make the theory "stick" in tough, high-stress situations? Then the five Technique Videos will get you unstuck and on your way to hardwired success. This is YOUR blueprint for success.

What youWhat You Get

An accelerated audio course on the essential and core knowledge of the fearless leaders coaching program.

You will receive membership to the Fearless Leader Audio Program Educational Website and specific access to the following modules:

1) Introductions to Fearless Leaders Group and Dr. Cathy Greenberg
2) Creating Fearless Space
3) Setting a Fearless Mindset
4) Inspiring & Motivating Teams
5) Fearless Change & Innovation
6) Cultivating A Culture to Thrive In
7) Confidently Leading Transitions

Each page will have an audio player for direct playback, and download options for the audio files.

WhenWhen you're finished with the program, you'll be in an ideal position to level up to actionable coaching, as you'll have a solid foundation in the fundamentals, and the price of this course will be transferable to new programs and coaching.

The Process

Within 5 minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an e-mail containing your membership ID and password to the Fearless Leaders Group coaching site. Once you log-in you will have instant access to the 7 learning modules, which you’ll be able to move through at your own pace.

Each page for the learning module will contain a comments section where you can post any questions that you might have on the material.

When you’ve listened to or downloaded the final module, we will contact you with special offers to upgrade and continue your fearless leaders journey — offers not available to non graduates.


Blue Print For Success
Basic - Audio Program

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Blue Print For Success
Basic - Audio Program

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Blue Print For Success
Basic - Audio Program

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In addition to a general introduction to fearless leaders, you’ll get six short audio sessions, lasting 8-12 minutes a piece, Dr. Cathy Greenberg will walk you through the core knowledge.

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