The Importance of Being Genuine

There’s an enormous amount of research suggesting that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your performance at work. Companies like Multihealth Systems, Talent Smart, Six Seconds and other providers of Emotional Assessment tools have tested the EQ of more than a million people and found that it explains 58% of success in all types of […]

How Did Passion Fuel Fearless Leaders?

We’ve been speaking about passion and how it drives leaders. Here are some examples of people whose passion has truly given them a roadway to success. David M. Gerardi. It’s unusual for a member of the National Guard to receive a Silver Star for actions performed as a Marine, but Sergeant Gerardi did, following his […]

Your Own Change Story

We’ve been exploring motivation, as it relates to business and especially to fearless leaders. How can you apply the motivation concepts with the people who report to you or who you surround yourself with? You’ll remember I mentioned the famous “Illusion of Control” experiment in which lottery numbers (in a test study) often sold back […]

The Passionate Disruptors

Passionate people are often disruptors. In my last blog, I introduced you to Elizabeth Scharpf, who founded Sustainable Health Enterprises to develop a new system of community-based education, business training, manufacturing and distribution jobs from locally sourced banana fiber. She had seen a problem in absenteeism in Mozambique, and witnessed in herself and others what […]

Passion Is the Fuel of Greatness

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you’re capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela Without unrelenting passion, would Steve Jobs have been able to resurrect the almost defunct Apple Computer Inc. and build it into the largest company in the world? […]

The Unstoppable Desire of Mark Platjez

Elite performers including entrepreneurs, sales professionals and athletes all have an element of boldness. For example, the destitute orphan in South Africa, who didn’t even have a pair of shoes, promised his brother, “I will become a world champion, move out of this country and never live in poverty again.” A bold statement for an […]

Living in the Mindful Moment with Unstoppable Desire

Research shows that the development of mindfulness decreases the release of cortisol, which is often referred to as the stress hormone. Lower levels of cortisol are associated with feelings of relaxation, contentment and inner peace. Mindfulness allows us to essentially be happier and healthier people. Let’s look at how you benefit as a leader as […]

Decision-making Processes

Harry Truman’s Decision Making The author Napoleon Hill  studied over 25,000 people who had experienced failure and concluded that lack of decision-making was one of the top causes of failure. When you have an important decision to make, should you make a rational logical decision; should you follow your heart, your emotions or should you […]

The Navy SEALs Ethos: A Blueprint for Leadership

Here is the Navy SEALS ethos: In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way […]

Mastering Your Mind Through Physiological Response

Physiological Responses To master your mind, you might also want to pay attention to your physiological responses as well as your thoughts. Notice when there’s tension in your shoulders, hands, abdomen or face. The most important thing is to learn to monitor your breath. How are you breathing? Shallowly and rapidly in your upper chest? […]