Determining Your Passion

Self-Reflection Test – How much passion do you have? Score yourself on each question on a 1 to 5 scale in which: 1 = never/almost never 2 = seldom 3 = sometimes 4 = often 5 = almost always/always I know the one thing that I am most passionate about doing and am engaged with […]

The Centering Breath Process

In my last blog, we went through the process of using imagery as a transformational tool. We looked at using all of our senses, visual, feeling, auditory, taste and smell, in order to get a better sense of your goal. Here, we’re going to look at a calming exercise that will help you focus even […]

Using Imagery as a Transformational Tool

Ironically, when you try to move away from what you don’t want, you’re actually focused on it and you’ll always tend to move toward what you focus on. So if you think about and focus on what you don’t want, you’ll tend to keep getting it. Imagery Exercise Imagery, especially in the relaxed state, is […]

Learning to Appreciate the Moment

Here’s a mindfulness exercise that may awaken you to the benefits of sipping rather than gulping, of appreciation rather than racing through to finish everything (as we mentioned in my previous post). Mindfulness exercise: Next time you have a drink of anything— water, coffee, tea, soda, or fruit juice : Begin by drinking it the way […]

Creating a Pre-Routine for Success

What’s your pre-routine? If you lead, sell or manage, do you have a routine to be your best? How about when you speak to groups, lead a meeting, go on an interview, or make a critical phone call? Are you more likely to knock ’em dead, or to wish you were dead due to fear […]

Three Steps to Owning It

Here is a three-step process to learning how to own it, that is, to be responsible and accept blame. Step 1 – Develop awareness Choose something in or about your life that is working well. Write it down on a piece of paper or your tablet. List at least 10 thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions […]

Overcoming Your Secret Fears

Exercise Your secret fears. Do you have fears you keep secret? Secrets are emotional poison. Have the courage to free yourself from your secret fears, gain more confidence and self-esteem. What is it you are afraid people find out about you? Think creatively about how to deal with your fears, just as Dan did – […]

The PFP (Past, Future, Past) Sandwich

In the last few blogs, we’ve been exploring how you can build courage, and access those reserves of courage that every leader, especially every fearless leader, possesses. Here, we’re going to help your courageous memory by taking you through a series of steps, to create what I call the PFP, or past, future, past sandwich […]

A Capability Quiz

Let’s take a quick quiz to help you gauge your capability. It’s a quick pen-and-paper exercise, and you’ll really get a lot out of it. What are you capable of? Answer Y=Yes or N=No to the following: I prefer taking action rather than waiting for direction. I often prefer to express myself even if my […]

Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion, finding your unrelenting fire, your passion in your purpose, means that you’ll need to search yourself in-depth, first for what you’re passionate about and then what skills and competencies you possess that will serve this passion. Then you’ll need to match these against opportunities in the marketplace, refining your search by the […]