Diagnosis Comes First: Anything Less is Malpractice

In the medical community, it is said that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

We believe the same principle applies to consulting and coaching engagements.

Because no two organizations and no two leaders are exactly the same, both organizational engagements and individual coaching should always start with an assessment of the needs of the client and the demands of the situation.

Our Coaching Model Starts with Assessment

To this end, the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model incorporates many powerful and scientifically rigorous assessments and inventories that allow our coaches to get a broad overview of the organization and its individual leaders.

Among these tools are some of the best Emotional & Social Intelligence assessments on the market, which are an integral part of every coaching engagement.

  • At the beginning of every Fearless Focus Coaching Engagement, our coaches will assess each leader using one of these ESI tools.

  • The insights generated from these assessments allows the coach to focus his work with that leader on exactly the skills and attributes that she most needs to strengthen and cultivate for greater personal mastery and organizational contributions.

  • Following several months of coaching, the leader will be re-assessed in order to measure improvement and reveal new opportunities for growth.

Benchmarking a Position for Smarter Promotions and Better Retention

At the company level, our ESI and leadership assessments allow us to benchmark a given position for certain leadership and ESI skills and profiles, which allows for smarter promotions, better retention, and even improved hiring practices.

In every case the Fearless Leaders Group employs science-based tools to get an accurate measure and assessment prior to making recommendations and providing an individual leader with tools, tips, and exercises.

This allows for maximum use of the leaders’ time and provides for accelerated results as well.

Getting Started With Fearless Leaders Group Consulting and Coaching

We have a range of Fearless Focus Consulting and Coaching options, suitable to most organizations.

And if you're interested in a general timeline of a typical engagement along with milestones you can expect, we've provided a brief sketch of those as well.

If you're more interested in working with us on an individual basis, we suggest you start by taking our free, interactive quiz: What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You?

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