What is a Fearless Leader Capable of?

They Can Take Ordinary People

To Extraordinary Heights

What Kind of Fearless Leader Are You?

The Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model

Fearless Leadership Is Built On Skills And Attributes That Can Be Acquired!

In the book Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus, Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. T.C North describe the ARTE of Fearless Leading: 1) Acting with Inspired Courage, 2) Reacting with Resilience, 3) Thinking with a Higher Consciousness, and 4) Excelling with Unrelenting Fire. The Fearless Leaders Group has improved on that by creating The Fearless Leaders Group Coaching Model:

Embrace the Courage To Fail

Courage to Fail

Respond with Resilience

More Resilient

Higher Consciousness

Higher Conciousness

Create & Maintain a Mindset For Success


Why The Fearless Leaders Coaching Model Matters

This Four Quadrant Model allows Dr. Cathy Greenberg and our coaches to break down each quadrant into key skills that can create rapid improvement and change.

About The Coaching Model

What's Your Fearless Leader Type?

There are different types of leaders, and knowing what type you are can be a tremendous help.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Fearless Leaders Create Happy Workplaces

While You Can Directly Work To Create A Happy Workplace, You'll Probably Be Spinning Your Wheels Until You Provide Your People With Courageous Leaders.

Our Quiz

Different personalities and temperaments are fearless in their own way, and lead with their own style. Find out what your type of fearless is with our online quiz.

9 Faces of Fear

Fear often wears masks. Knowing what masks your fear takes is a big step in squashing dysfunctional patterns.

Tools & Exercises

We've provided a wealth of exercises and tools to help you strengthen your courage, improve your mindset, strengthen your resilience, and more.

The Ultimate Tests of Any Mode Are:

1) How usable is it in the real world?
2) What kind of results does it produce?

While the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model is Science-based and common-sense approved, the real test has been watching the ease with which our coaches are able to successfully engage and help people from wildly different walks of life and ability levels using this model. This model is eminently usable and user-friendly.

And once the coaches and leaders get started, success is not far behind: rapid positive changes and results in as little as 90 days. Actually most leaders report positive changes and feedback after the first month, but measurable results are usually seen at the 2nd and 3rd month mark.

And the best way to start is to find out What Kind of Fearless Leader You Are. This will set you up for faster results and greater success.

Find Out What Kind of Fearless Leader You Are

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