Having a Mind Like a River

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

Here is a mindful moment mastery technique is for dealing with destructive thoughts.

Both in preparing for important events and during those events you will sometimes have negative or self-defeating thoughts, usually based out of fear. Here is how Jeremy Bloom (world champion skier, NFL football player and successful entrepreneur) dealt with these thoughts as a competitive skier:

“I think it’s pretty normal for athletes to have self-defeating thoughts [like] you will be visualizing your run and you’ll fall,” he said. “And what I learned, when I think I really started to dominate the sport and really ski to my potential, was when I kind of employed this mentality of – I called it ‘Mind like a river.’ And I just visualized this free-flowing river through my head and through my brain. And I really wouldn’t allow anything to attach to that, so feelings of self-defeat or concerns began to flow through my head. When I really achieved the best mental position that I think I ever had was when my mind was like a river and I built a tunnel around what was important and the things outside of that tunnel never got in; if they would, they’d just flow right out. Very simple.”

Mind like a river exercise

  • Sit comfortably and allow yourself to relax. To help you relax, take several slow, deep breaths with your exhalations being longer than your inhalations.
  • Imagine a free-flowing river running through your head and mind that nothing can attach to. Any thought that comes into your mind is just gently carried away by the current, except for one thing, one focus or thought.
  • Any thoughts or feelings not associated with what you choose to focus on, you let float away on the river.
  • If you lose your focus or get distracted, just notice, let it float away on the river and refocus.
  • After a period of time of your choosing, scan your body and mind. What do you notice?


Exercise being in the mindful moment

Hold your fingertips of one hand somewhat close together and touch your heart. Then, ask yourself “what do I really want?”

Stay in the mindful moment and allow as many responses as you can to come to you without judging your answers. Simply observe them and write them down if you want.

In a second question, with your fingers still touching your chest over your heart, ask, “What would allow me to be deeply happy and content?”

Once again, stay in the Mindful moment and allow as many answers as you can to come to you without judging them. Just make note them and, if you want, write them down.

A third question that transformational speaker/coach Cynthia James uses in both her personal and corporate visioning process is, “What is the highest vision of my personal and professional life?”

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