Why Create Mindful Moments?

If you don’t create more mindful moments you leave money and happiness on the table.

Mindfulness allows you to slow down your thoughts, increase your focus, enhance your creativity and understand more thoroughly the effect of your strategies and actions. If you want to be a better leader, greater mindfulness is important, indeed, it’s essential.

As you become a master of mindful moments, you will have richer relationships, less unproductive conflict, greater rapport and support with the important people in your life.

You will be a better strategist because you’ll have a more thorough understanding of how your strategies will be effective in the impact they will have, not only directly, but indirectly through their ripple effect.

There is great value in learning to create mindful moments. On a personal level, could you create a mindful moment if your teenage son or daughter came to you and told you about friends who were using drugs? Or could you stay in a mindful moment if your kids wanted to talk to you about having sex? If your children know that you are highly reactive, or a hot reactor (the opposite of being mindful in the moment), then they’ll never ask you questions like those.

Is this what you want?

Or consider mindfulness at the professional level. If a team member or colleague has a different perspective from yours, but knows that you tend to react defensively when someone disagrees with you, do you think they will openly express their opinion? And going further, do you think you’ll be a more engaged, effective and even fearless leader if people are afraid of expressing an opinion around you?

Now that you know how to create mindful moments, what would be the benefit of being able to stay in them longer and being able to think from a deeper part of your mind, to be capable of connecting with the unconscious? You can learn this in the next series of blogs in which I outline the way you can expand mindful moments.

Have you become more aware of what it is to be mindfulness? Let me know – and please let me know if you’re struggling with the concept. Thank you for sharing.

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