How Did Passion Fuel Fearless Leaders?

We’ve been speaking about passion and how it drives leaders. Here are some examples of people whose passion has truly given them a roadway to success. David M. Gerardi. It’s unusual for a member of the National Guard to receive a Silver Star for actions performed as a Marine, but Sergeant Gerardi did, following his […]

The Passionate Disruptors

Passionate people are often disruptors. In my last blog, I introduced you to Elizabeth Scharpf, who founded Sustainable Health Enterprises to develop a new system of community-based education, business training, manufacturing and distribution jobs from locally sourced banana fiber. She had seen a problem in absenteeism in Mozambique, and witnessed in herself and others what […]

Fearless Leader: Christie Hefner

Stepping off the path of familiarity into the unknown is common to other well-known and hugely successful individuals as well. In fact, the ability to take a leap of faith may be a characteristic of success. Certainly, when Christie Hefner became president of the then-financially ailing Playboy, it took nerves of titanium not just to […]

Fearless Leader: Susan Lyne, Risk-Taker

If you don’t control fear, then fear will control you and possibly sabotage your most valued goals. Take Susan Lyne. Named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in 2011, Lyne is the perfect example of a Fearless Leader willing to take risks and potentially fail in order to succeed. As an inexperienced programming executive at […]

TC North’s Fear of Failure: A Defining Moment

Let me tell you now my co-author’s story and how he moved forward. When TC North was 27 and working for Dr. Robert Swearingen as the exercise physiologist at a wellness clinic, Dr. Swearingen one day asked him if he’d like to run an aerobic exercise presentation for a few people at a local running […]

Meet a Fearless Leader: Jeremy Bloom

What is a fearless leader? That’s what we’re going to be exploring in this series of blogs. Over the course of this series, we’ll be looking at how new findings in neuroscience, and the understanding what we call mindfulness, help shape what makes a fearless leader. We’ll also be looking at the stories of people […]