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How Did Passion Fuel Fearless Leaders?

We’ve been speaking about passion and how it drives leaders. Here are some examples of people whose passion has truly given them a roadway to success. David M. Gerardi. It’s unusual for a member of the National Guard to receive a Silver Star for actions performed as a Marine, but Sergeant Gerardi did, following his […]

Don’t Focus on What You Don’t Want

After reading these blogs about passion, motivation, positive thinking, are you still a non-believer? Then as you read on, please don’t think about a pile of crap. Don’t focus on poop. Don’t create a picture of poop in your mind or think about a bunch of poop about to be dumped on you. What are […]

Building Dedication

Many executives are surprised not only by the ownership and drive for implementation that comes from high-involvement approaches, but also by the improved quality of the answers that emerge. I found evidence of this from reading management consultant Noel Tichy’s most recent book, “Judgment on the Front Line: How Smart Companies Win By Trusting Their […]

Non-hierarchical Motivation

Why do the opinions of lower echelon employees matter? Alignment throughout an organization. The management consultant and author Noel Tichy addresses this in his trademarked theory about maintaining a “Teachable Point of View.” What Tichy calls a “virtuous teaching cycle” sets the stage for mutual learning requires teachers to be open to learning themselves and […]

Your Own Change Story

We’ve been exploring motivation, as it relates to business and especially to fearless leaders. How can you apply the motivation concepts with the people who report to you or who you surround yourself with? You’ll remember I mentioned the famous “Illusion of Control” experiment in which lottery numbers (in a test study) often sold back […]

Increasing Motivation

We’ve been examining motivation as it relates to Fearless Leadership. Here we’re going to continue our motivating factors. In business, there are three motivators: Need for achievement Need for affiliation Need for power How are you motivated? How can you apply the motivation concepts with the people who report to you or who you surround […]

Different Kinds of Motivation

We’ve been speaking about how fearless leaders profit from motivation, passion and are able to separate their passion from emotion. Here, we’ll explore two different kinds of motivation. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself. Intrinsic motivation exists within the individual rather than […]

The Passionate Disruptors

Passionate people are often disruptors. In my last blog, I introduced you to Elizabeth Scharpf, who founded Sustainable Health Enterprises to develop a new system of community-based education, business training, manufacturing and distribution jobs from locally sourced banana fiber. She had seen a problem in absenteeism in Mozambique, and witnessed in herself and others what […]

A Mindful Moment Fuels Passion

Why do you think millions of girls miss school and women miss work in third world countries? Illness? Sick children? The surprising and answer was discovered by Elizabeth Scharpf, who was an intern in Mozambique in 2005 for the one-person private-sector development division of the World Bank. Scharpf was studying how small and medium-sized businesses […]

Determining Your Passion

Self-Reflection Test – How much passion do you have? Score yourself on each question on a 1 to 5 scale in which: 1 = never/almost never 2 = seldom 3 = sometimes 4 = often 5 = almost always/always I know the one thing that I am most passionate about doing and am engaged with […]