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Techniques to Build Courage, part 2

In the my last blog, I began taking you through a series of questions to help you reflect on your life, your career, your relations. In this way, I wanted to lead you toward being able to build your reserves of courage.

Here we’ll look at the next technique.

Instant access to courage

All of your memories are linked in your brain by neurons. These linked neurons are called a neural network. Essentially, all of your courageous memories are linked together in a neural network of courage.

When you access a courageous memory, you enter the courageous reserves – that neural network of courage – in your mind. When you think from your courageous neural network, you will experience more courage in your mind, body and in your emotions.

It’s analogous to using a computer. If your brain is your computer, then it contains your applications and software, and you can choose which application you want to use. Your courageous neural network is, in essence, your courage application.

How do you use it? To open this application, all you need to do is access a memory of a time when you were courageous.

Here is where a neural network is different than an application. Each time you think about a time that you were courageous and each time you enter your courageous neural network, you strengthen it. Just as with muscles in your body become bigger and stronger with exercise, so do neurons and neural networks with use. As with a muscle, you strengthen it each time you stimulate it. Simple. Right?

Stimulating Your Courageous Neural Network

Remember: Think of a time when you were courageous. It could be from your childhood, your teenage years, your adult life. It could involve academics, a social activity, a game, athletics, or a hobby, or a time when you were scared and faced your fear.

Feel the courage.

Continue recalling as much detail as you can until you can begin to re-experience that sensation of the courage you had when this event actually occurred. You will likely notice a feeling of being more courageous as you immerse yourself in this memory.

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Through this, you will learn to program your mind to be more courageous for the events in the future where you need to tap into your reserves of courage.

Next, we’ll cover how you can “sandwich” the past, present and future in order to further build up your arsenal of courage and to withstand the fear of failure.

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