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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Fearless leaders are comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • It’s the discomfort that you’ll feel when you’re being courageous.
  • It’s the nervousness you might have before new job interview.
  • It’s the pressure you feel coming up against an important deadline.
  • It’s the butterflies in an athlete’s stomach before a game.
  • It’s the strategic leader’s gut when she commits enormous resources to new strategy.
  • It’s the humanitarian who knows she might be killed for speaking her truth.
  • It’s the Special Operations soldier who risks his life with every mission.
  • It’s you, when you take on a challenge, and stretch your comfort zone.

Most fearless leaders love the juice (the fear and excitement) that accompanies big challenges. When you push yourself to new heights of accomplishment, you will eventually get comfortable with the risks involved.

Because of either genetics or social development, some people are risk-adverse, others enjoy risk, and some even love it!

Fearless leaders enjoy, or love the excitement of the challenge. It’s uncomfortable but they are comfortable in it. In fact, they usually thrive in the discomfort of a good challenge.

If you master this Fearless Leaders’ secret, it will help you create the mindset to be willing to fail in order to succeed and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

You will then take intelligent risks and learn and grow in both your business and personal lives. If you never master this success secret of getting comfortable being uncomfortable, you will stay in your comfort zone and generally maintain the status quo of your life. It will probably keep your risk low, but will certainly minimize both your success and your happiness.

This may be a good choice for some people.

It’s not, however, a choice of a Fearless Leader.

In our next blog, we’ll look at how a Fearless Leader faced being uncomfortable.

Before then, tell me – what’s your most uncomfortable situation?

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