Becoming Better Human Beings

Recently, our philosophies were engaged and applied to a project for a group of high-ranking flag officers via the Pentagon.

The details don’t really matter. What matters is that we were asked to develop “coaching modules” on subjects that ranged from “Ethics” to “Operating At the Edge,” topics that would undoubtedly make the difference in the lives of millions of people under the command of such officers.

Upon final project review, we were told that the material was very good but it was not at the level required for the flag officers in the target audience. In fact, we were specifically told that while the material would be applied and edited to fit the intended audience – it was in a word too “soft.”

Can you imagine the “fear” invoked at that moment?  Would this work be up to the level of our finest military leaders?  We replied with something like this: “In many years of working with executives, CEOs, boards and military professionals across the Armed Services, including our highest-ranking officers and Government Officials, all have said with great enthusiasm and mindfulness – anyone can teach us to be better leaders, what we need is to learn how to remember to be better human beings.

Hopefully, in the end, this is what won them over. This need for a new and powerful “mindset” has been our sincere intent and remains our passion for this series of blogs. We hope you agree with our premise.

It is this mindful approach to elevating our higher consciousness as human beings that makes a difference; it’s about how to enhance and master our own humanity and improve our capability in opposition to our fragile nature and our fear that undermines our confidence and success.

If we can learn to overcome this subconscious behavior as evidenced throughout this text – we can prevail.  Underneath our evolved brain and our executive armor, we are nothing without our ability to overcome the negative in the face of adversity.  As human beings we are hardwired for hard times; we are also hopefully still evolving.

Fearless Leaders who truly sharpen their focus will be the evolving leaders of the future who take us places we have yet to explore.  We know you can build the courage to lead the way – we have been where you are and through our coaching tips and techniques here, we want to be with you every step of the way.

For questions about this post or for information on becoming a fearless leader, contact Dr. Cathy Greenberg and The Fearless Leader Group at (888) 320-1299 or by email at hello@fearlessequalsfreedom.com.

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