Emotional Intelligence

A Capability Quiz

Let’s take a quick quiz to help you gauge your capability. It’s a quick pen-and-paper exercise, and you’ll really get a lot out of it.

What are you capable of?

Answer Y=Yes or N=No to the following:

  1. I prefer taking action rather than waiting for direction.
  2. I often prefer to express myself even if my perspective is different.
  3. I enjoy new and different challenges.
  4. I prefer doing similar things but in different ways.
  5. People describe me as confident and courageous.
  6. I prefer to share what I’m doing and support others whenever possible.
  7. I’m not put off by conflict, even if I don’t create it.
  8. I often seek higher personal goals.
  9. If I had a choice, I’d prefer doing what I like best regardless of where the experience takes me.
  10. I’m inclined to weigh all the options before diving in.
  11. I appreciate others and their contributions.
  12. I often feel like I’m holding myself back.
  13. I prefer to manage risk to avoid embarrassment.
  14. I can agree with the motto: “no pain, no gain.”
  15. I enjoy opportunities to test my talents and skills.
  16. I feel drained when I have to spend all my time figuring something out by myself.
  17. I like taking my experiences to a new level.
  18. I focus easily.
  19. I prefer structure in my free time.
  20. People tell me I’m a conscious listener.

How many statements did you mark Y for yes or N for no? Are you surprised at the results? There are no fixed scores.

Both being fearful or fearless falls along a continuum. Many people find themselves somewhere in between. The more you answered YES, the more likely you are to become more confident, more courageous and ultimately, more Fearless.

Whether you are just beginning your dream of becoming a leader or you already lead on some level, you can become even better.

Let me know – how did you do? Did you feel fearless or fearful? Why do you think you answered as you did?

Thanks for sharing.

For questions about this post or for information on becoming a fearless leader, contact Dr. Cathy Greenberg and The Fearless Leader Group at (888) 320-1299 or by email at hello@fearlessequalsfreedom.com.

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