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Have The Courage to Fail…In Order to Succeed

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”
Rosa Parks

Does fear control you or do you control fear?

Do you have the courage to fail in order to succeed?

Fearless Leaders don’t like to fail; some even say they hate to fail but, paradoxically, they learn to accept failure as an inevitable part of success.

It turns out that the most enlightened leaders actually view their failures as mere setbacks and as opportunities to dissect, understand and learn.

Achieving success requires failure, sometimes lots of it. Would you continue doing your job if you were seriously injured, or felt that you’d die a painful death each time you engaged in your work? If you are willing to accept physical risk, would you also be able to accept the emotional and psychological risk of failing in front of millions of people? These are risks that many Fearless Leaders face.

I believe this one fearless leaders’ secret is the most critical of all. So we begin here:

First of all, though, when I use the term “fearless,” I generally define it as applying to a person who masters his or her fears. Fearless Leaders from all aspects of life are courageous and have learned to master the fear of failure and use their failures as stepping-stones to success.

Not all Fearless Leaders share all these traits, but they all have this one: The courage to fail in order to succeed.

This is the single most powerful success secret of Fearless Leaders. It’s also one of the characteristics that separates high performers from everyone else.

Having the courage to fail is the opposite of being afraid to fail (the fear of failure). Being afraid to fail can block success. At a minimum, it creates anxiety. At its worst, it can emotionally paralyze you.

Becoming a great leader requires failure. To excel at being a fearless leader, you must develop courage and build the confidence to master failure while on your road to success, a road that is paved with the potholes of setbacks, obstacles and naysayers.

What about you? Are you a fearful person? Or, more to the what is it that you yourself fear?

For questions about this post or for information on becoming a fearless leader, contact Dr. Cathy Greenberg and The Fearless Leader Group at (888) 320-1299 or by email at hello@fearlessequalsfreedom.com.

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