Becoming a Master of Mind Control

A man is but the product of his thoughts.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It used to be thought that few people were resilient, but more recently it’s become clear that this trait is much more prevalent among us. The question is: How do resilient individuals attain resilience? What characteristics grant them the ability to withstand adverse circumstances that can destroy the resolve of other, weaker people?

In 2009, the Department of the Army established the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program, whose goal was to enhance “the resilience, readiness and potential of Soldiers.” tThe CSF program goes well beyond traditional training that increased physical health, according to a report from Peter W. Chiarelli, U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff. The program emphasizes “human potential through a focus on positive emotions, traits, institutions, and social relationships.” Soldiers learn to banish negativity by centering on “what is good – rather than bad – in one’s life.”

This can be applied in many fields:

  • Are you at your personal best under stress?
  • Are you the master or the victim of your own mind?
  • If you had control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions in each moment, how would you be different?
  • How would your entire life be different?
  • How much better do you think it could be?

The Fearless Leaders’ secret for acquiring these important skills is to become a master of mind control (one’s own mind) in the present, even under tremendous pressure.

Through keen observation of your own mind (both thoughts and emotions) without judgment, you will naturally be more true to yourself and will subsequently become more successful.

We are all imperfect beings. Even the highest-achieving military professionals, Olympic athletes and business leaders periodically have negative or fearful thoughts that can sabotage their success. The difference between them and the average person is that they continually use two very important steps to overcome their insecurities and doubts. The first is to recognize when they have destructive thoughts, and the second is to have a process in which they reframe that negativity (see Showing Up Ready Check List).

What are the benefits of becoming a master of mind control?

If you master control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions in each moment:

  • You will always be in control of you.
  • You will continually be at your best.
  • You will have enormous personal power.
  • You will create a consciousness that allows you to excel as a leader.
  • You will continue to improve your mental conditioning to achieve what’s important to you.
  • You will learn to control what you can control, your thoughts and actions, and not sabotage yourself.
  • You will ultimately create greater success and happiness for yourself.

Also critical to the process of becoming a mindset maniac is learning to be more present. This translates into greater efficiency and less stress when doing the things that are important to you. Being in attendance, in the now, will always increase your happiness.

Once you understand how to observe your own thinking, you will have more control of your mind, including your emotions, and you’ll become more conscious in the moment…when it matters.

Have you become more conscious of being in the present, of controlling your thoughts? How, and when? Thanks for sharing.

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