Dr. Cathy Greenberg, PhD

Dr. Cathy Greenberg hasn’t just studied leadership and positive psychology and overcoming adversity — she has lived all of these things first hand.

She was a managing partner at a Fortune 500 company. She’s been through the challenges of single motherhood and had to overcome significant health problems, and she’s applied the science of happiness to her own life.

In other words, Dr. Cathy has real-world experience (and real-world results) that validate her scientific and academic understanding of leadership psychology. This adds a particularly powerful dimension to her consulting and coaching work.

It says something very powerful when the company you leave after a successful executive career instantly hires you as a consultant to coach their highest potential executives. And that’s exactly the case with Dr. Cathy Greenberg and her former employer, Accenture.

Clients / Consulting / Entrepreneurialism

Dr. Cathy Greenberg has worked creating and fostering leadership for much of her career. Most recently, Dr. Greenberg created the above-mentioned custom-tailored leadership and self-actualization programs for the Special Operations community including SWAT, and Navy Special Warfare (which includes SEALs and Special Warfare Combat crews as featured in the movie, Act of Valor). She also just completed a series of training videos for flag officers at the Pentagon.

In addition to her work with the military, Dr. Cathy Greenberg has worked extensively with many Fortune 500 companies both before and after finishing her long career as a managing partner at two of the world’s largest and most influential consulting agencies, Accenture and CSC.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg is a founding partner of CSC’s Global Organization Change Practice and the co-founder of the Executive Leadership Theme Team at the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change. She was executive coach for Accenture’s top high potential leaders in its Northeast region, and designed a training program to transfer this knowledge, “High Performance Coaching,” which led to the creation of 500 internal coaches worldwide.

In addition, Dr. Cathy Greenberg is an educator and entrepreneur, often combining the two fields in her work on behalf of fostering leadership, workplace efficiency and happiness, and in showing how emotional intelligence ensures better performance, greater job satisfaction, higher profits and overall corporate stability. She was n​amed a Top 100 Executive Coach by Executive Excellence Magazine and a Top 50 Female Entrepreneur by Insights Magazine, a journal on leadership from the renowned pioneer in leadership studies, Warren Bennis.


Dr. Cathy Greenberg is the New York Times bestselling author of What Happy Working Mothers Know and, with Dan Baker, of What Happy Companies Know. In addition, her book “Global Leadership,” written with Marshall Goldsmith, Alastair Robertson and Maya Hu-Chan, was ranked as the number-one business book on Amazon.

Her most recent book is Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus - How the New Science of Mindfulness Can help You Reclaim Your Confidence, written with T.C North, PhD.


Dr. Cathy Greenberg is a frequent source of expert knowledge in articles at leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, O and Fortune and appears regularly as a guest contributor on all major television outlets – she has been an on-air specialist for ABC, BBC, CBS, PBS, CBC and CNN (as the host of several primetime documentaries), where she has discussed leadership, happiness and personal growth.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg is a highly sought-after speaker, and has addressed many leadership conferences, presented at exclusive corporate retreats and executive seminars, and has introduced thousands of eager participants to her powerful concepts, showing people how to accelerate their progress at their workplace through moral leadership, resilience, courage and a positive outlook.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg and her colleagues offer strategic opportunities for corporate success, including

  • one-on-one coaching for potential leaders,
  • team profiling,
  • consulting services,
  • and highly personalized performance coaching that defines an individual’s areas for growth, and potential for personal achievement and leadership.

Fearless Leadership

Dr. Cathy Greenberg has made it her goal to apply new findings in the science of leadership and achievement to the workplace, and to help people shape their destinies as leaders. She uses science to create tools for people to recognize and build on their emotional intelligence and mindfulness, to improve their career performance and to achieve their personal goals.

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