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Honestly, none of the techniques taught to you in the videos are essential for your success.

The Focus Sessions from the Basic (and Complete) Blueprints really are the foundational, no-way-around-it, gotta-have-it stuff.

So why pay more money for the techniques?

Because they represent the tactical tips and tricks that make the difference between trying to do something the first time and having it go so-so.

These techniques are like having a pro show you the work-arounds, and inside extras to get extraordinary results — the core knowledge is still the core knowledge, but those insider techniques can make all the difference in your ability to get max results when you try to apply that

You will learn to: - So what kind of tips will you learn? Things like how to: - Sustain your energy during the day and make sure you give your best energy to the projects and people that re-charge your batteries, and keep the emotional vampires from sucking you dry - Use a combat breathing technique to create instant calm and balanced thinking, even when you’re steaming mad, upset, or frustrated. - Strengthen the neural connections that provide your courage, and learn how to tap into your courage neurology at a moments notice. - A sure-fire 4-step process for mastering fear, so you can stay focued, emotionally present, and mindful, and - Bounce back from failure while ensuring you get maximum learning and growth, while shaking off the negatives

These are instantly useful, dead simple tips and techniques that can give you an edge everyday of your professional life, even if you’re not actively pursuing a path towards Fearless Leadership.

So you can just imagine how much more valuable they are for achievement oriented leaders like you who are actively attempting to master these emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

So… you could achieve success with the Fearless Leaders Coaching model without these techniques in your tool kit, simply by figuring things out, dialing your own techniques in just through trial and error — but why would you want to?

Why not boost your success and the usefulness of everything you’ll learn in the audio Focus Sessions by adding these powerful tools and techniques into the mix?

Not only is the price increase minor — and not much more than the full price for the Basic Blueprint, but it’s also completely transferable to buying coaching programs. In effect, the course, becomes virtually free when you upgrade.


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