The book Fearless Leaders™: Sharpen Your Focus

The book Fearless Leaders™: Sharpen Your Focus looks at those leaders that managed to become iconic or even legendary, even if their legends were only known by those in their industry or company or "in the know." And in studying them, it goes beyond the superficial to help the reader understand the WHY and HOW of such leaders.

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The book on fearless leaders and how to become one, available in paperback and Kindle editions.



Want to know more about the book itself?

This book on Fearless Leaders and how to become one, is available in hard copy and kindle.

The best words to describe this book are meaty and inspiring. Meaty because the authors don't hold back on providing the reader with:

  • Practical How to Exercises
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • and Techniques

You'll not only learn about the Fearless Leaders Model, you'll also learn how to put it to use.

AndAnd Inspirational because its packed with stories of fearless leaders, with each story illustrating a key aspect of fearless leaders and a key insight on how to develop and strengthen that trait within oneself.

Combine these two quality into one book and you get a how-to manual with heart. You will be encouraged while learning how to master your fears and grow your courage.

If your interested in learning more about fearless leaders model, you've come to the right place, as this site is a treasure trove of information. We recommend you start here.

What Will You Find In the Book?

Table of Contents





Section I: Inspiring Courage

- Chapter 1: Have the Courage to Fail In Order to Succeed
- Chapter 2: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
- Chapter 3: Own It: No Blaming, Complaining or Excuses

Section II: Mindset Master

- Chapter 4: Show Up Ready! Aligned Minds and Extraordinary Preparation
- Chapter 5: Be a Master of Mind Control
- Chapter 6: Value Critical Review

Section III: Mindfulness

- Chapter 7: Think with Mindfulness
- Chapter 8: Create Mindful Moments and Mindfulness is Powerful
- Chapter 9: Climb the Consciousness Mountain

Section IV: Excel with Unrelenting Fire

- Chapter 10: Passion is the Fuel of Greatness
- Chapter 11: The Impossible is Possible

Conclusion: You Are A Fearless Leader

Self-Reflection Exercises


Find out what other industry experts have to say about Fearless Leaders™: Sharpen Your Focus

Book Endorsements

  • Chris Warner: Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Speaker —“WOW! Cathy Greenberg and TC North have outdone themselves this time! "Fearless Leaders" is a masterpiece of personal-development. Their straight-forward approach provides, through extensive research and years of personal observation, a thoroughly detailed explanation of not only the "what", but more importantly, the "how" to becoming a world-class leader. Their key steps to ultimate success are easily implemented and highly effective; thus leaving no room for excuses.”

  • Kim Martin: President of WEtv —"Every successful leader needs to be fearless and this book walks you through the steps in such a simple, easy to implement way. It's renewed my sense of fearlessness!"

  • Steven J Stein, PhD: CEO of MHS and co-author of “The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success” Multi-Health Systems —“If you aspire to be a great leader, one way or another you’ll have to deal with your fear factor. I recommend you read Fearless Leaders to learn how other successful leaders have passed their fear thresholds. Don’t be afraid, just read it and succeed.”

  • Captain John A. Kolman: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (retired) —One has only to peruse the Table of Contents of “Fearless Leaders” to sense the value of reading further. Co-authors Dr. Cathy Greenberg and TC North clearly demonstrate through uncomplicated examples and common-sense solutions how to become a better, and “fearless,” leader. Whatever your field of endeavor, be it business, law enforcement or the military, “Fearless Leaders” will undoubtedly prove a valuable asset.

Why Buy the Book?

High-powered executive coaches Dr. Cathy Greenberg and TC North have identified the remarkable principles that make fearless leaders. A fearless leader —

  • Acts with inspiring courage,
  • Reacts with resilience,
  • Thinks with mindfulness, and
  • Excels with unrelenting fire.

In theirIn their powerful book, Fearless Leaders™: Sharpen Your Focus, Greenberg and North explain these principles to analyze some of the greatest leaders of our time and throughout history. They also provide readers with essential exercises, tools, and techniques for learning, building, and strengthening these principles in themselves.

Readers who use these tools and techniques will learn how to:

  • Master fear and gain the courage to fail in order to succeed;
  • Be their best...when it counts the most;
  • Lead with reliance and passion in every aspect of life.

Fearless Leaders™: Sharpen Your Focus is a must-read for leaders who want to move forward fearlessly in their own lives and inspire courageous work in others.

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Of courseOf course, you can also purchase copies of the book directly from this site, as well as online through and your local book stores.

Learn About the Background And Qualifications of the Authors:

Dr. Cathy Greenberg, PhDDr. Cathy Greenberg, PhD, author, speaker, consultant and ICF certified coach, has been name a world wide authority on leadership and human behavior by all major business and financial news organizations, and by popular media outlets such as Fortune, Oprah Magazine and Working Mother. Named a "Top 100 Leadership Coach" by Executive Excellence Magazine, she is an engaging speaker and business talk show host on Voice America: Leadership Development News. An active contributor to television including ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, BBC and Prime Time Specials on CNN. Dr. Greenberg is known for achieving outstanding results for others. A former executive in her own right, Dr. Greenberg enjoyed executive positions at two of the world's largest consulting firms, founded two leadership center, three consulting firms and works across all industries around the globe.

Dr. TC North, PhDDr. TC North, PhD, Executive Coach for entrepreneurs, executives and sales leaders. Dr. North is CEO and founder of Catalyst High Performance and a high-performance executive coach in Denver/Boulder CO and nationally. Since 1986, Dr. North has been coaching small and medium sized businesses to create high-performing organizations that have extraordinary profitability and that people love to work for. He accelerates the success of CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales professionals by helping them train their minds like world-class athletes to create success, overcome fear, build courage and confidence and develop their business plans and culture to become high-performance organizations. Dr. North's coaching with executives and sales teams has resulted in dramatically increased revenues (from 26% to 118% in less than a year) and even greater over time. He is certified in the emotional intelligence assessment EQi2.0 and EQi 360 incorporating the use of emotion to create greater leadership and sales success.


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