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This section explores common questions and topics around typical Fearless Leaders Coaching engagements and how they impact client organizations.

Meeting You Where You Are

The Fearless Leaders Model and our coaches can work with organizations of almost any size and training sophistication. We can meet you where you are.

The Assessment

The Fearless Leaders Coaching Model surveys and assesses each individual leader and then customizes the coaching specific to each leader's needs.

Rapid Transformation

Paradoxically, focusing on improving individual command climate is the fastest way to change your organization's culture.

Maximum Impact With Minimum Time And Resources

Fearless Leaders Coaching is lean in it's implementation, with low "theoretical overhead," flexible and customized coaching, and the ability to produce results in 90 days or less.

The Flywheel Effect Made Real

Create Renewed Energy and Motivation for Training and Development

Training that is relevant to each leader's daily reality, combined with tools and exercises that work, leads to fast results, along with results that the organization can track and measure. And that creates renewed energy and motivation for more relevant training and development.

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About A Fearless Leaders Group Engagement

See a typical Fearless Leaders Coaching Engagement, our approach, and FAQs from "inside champions".

Our Timeline

We'll walk you through a typical coaching engagement by stage and milestone, so you know what to expect.

Why Work with Us

What makes the Fearless Leaders Group different and our coaching and consulting programs better than the alternatives.

Being An Inside Champion

If you'd like to see the Fearless Leaders Coaching Model deployed your organization, here's how we can give you some persuasive firepower.

Organizational Transformation

The funny thing about changing an organizations leaders on a one-on-one basis is that the individual transformations create faster and bigger organizational changes than if you'd tried to change things at the organizational level directly.

Become Fearless

Improve individual leaders, and you improve their command climates. Change enough leaders and enough command climates, and you transform the company.

Driving Fear Out

Fear keeps people from doing their best work, having honest conversations, and confronting hard truths. It has to be driven out.

Emotional Intelligence

You can't be fearless without building your Emotional & Social Intelligence (ESI). Here's why and how to do it.

The Fearless Leaders Coaching Model is adaptable to every level of performance and sophistication, from world-class innovators to very small firms still making the leap from good to great. And both organizations can see results fast: often by the end of 30 days, always before the end of 90 days.

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