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Becoming Better Human Beings

Recently, our philosophies were engaged and applied to a project for a group of high-ranking flag officers via the Pentagon. The details don’t really matter. What matters is that we were asked to develop “coaching modules” on subjects that ranged from “Ethics” to “Operating At the Edge,” topics that would undoubtedly make the difference in […]

Sharpening Your Focus

Regardless of how you measure the “priority of life” or face and overcome your “fears,” or choose to recognize beauty or greatness in others, your ability to be a Fearless Leader, to sharpen your focus and reclaim your confidence in any situation is the key to finding success in your own life right now. In […]

Recognizing the Extraordinary in the Everyday

We’ve stressed the importance of mindset and nothing validates that more than the story of Admiral William McRaven. You’ve also learned the value of higher consciousness and mindfulness when approaching risky situations and even in every day operations. This next story is perhaps, another view at the possibility for seeking more from mindfulness and consciousness […]

Admiral William McRaven’s Fearless Leadership

I’d promised a few stories of Fearless Leaders who embody the principles we’ve been exploring in this series of blogs. Here is one. In a story, written by Barton Gellman, titled “Person of the Year 2011,” for Time magazine, Admiral William McRaven is rightfully honored: “McRaven, then a 45-year-old Navy SEAL captain, led a jump […]

The VUCA Potential

The leaders of the agencies with which I worked – agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and others – have planned potential scenarios and practiced taking action for each contingency. The leaders at these agencies take into consideration what they can see and quantify (things that are tangible) and what the potential risks […]

You Are a Fearless Leader

I was extremely honored to be hosted once by members of national agencies including representatives from SWAT, National Law Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies during key NTAO (National Tactical Officers Association) conferences, where I also participated in several of their critical education programs. Here, I learned how working warriors use state-of-the-art […]

Mastering Fearless Leader Secrets

What happens when you are master of several of the Fearless Leaders success secrets? The courage to fail…in order to succeed + excel with unrelenting fire. The fuel of passion enhances the courage to fail in order to succeed in two ways. One, having greater passion dramatically expands your comfort zone so that when you’re […]

Passion and Purpose

Nobody can tell you what your purpose is, but once you have found it, you will be inspired to take action and others will be happy to follow you. Obstacles that loom large for others will disappear. Fear and self-doubt will also disappear, because passion dissolves fear. You will live in your most courageous self […]

Ending Disenchantment

Americans are unhappy in their jobs. Americans are quitting their jobs of their own volition because they are seeking more personal fulfillment in their workplace lives. Several recent studies confirm that employee turnover rates are on the rise. A Kelly Services survey reports that 44 percent of the global workforce feels valued by their employer […]

Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion, finding your unrelenting fire, your passion in your purpose, means that you’ll need to search yourself in-depth, first for what you’re passionate about and then what skills and competencies you possess that will serve this passion. Then you’ll need to match these against opportunities in the marketplace, refining your search by the […]