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Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion, finding your unrelenting fire, your passion in your purpose, means that you’ll need to search yourself in-depth, first for what you’re passionate about and then what skills and competencies you possess that will serve this passion.

Then you’ll need to match these against opportunities in the marketplace, refining your search by the opportunities with the best potential return or outcome.

Here is an exercise to help you, including taking what’s called “the passion test.”

Step one. Relax and take your time to think about everything that you are passionate about. It may help you to take the passion test.

Step two. If you have not taken the passion test, then on a scale from 0 to 10 with zero no passion and 10, complete passion, give each item on your list a score.

Step three. If none of your items is at least an eight to 10, repeat steps one and two. If you have one or more items in which your passion level is eight or above, then think of these one at a time and come up with a list of skills and competencies that you are ready have that apply to this area of passion. Also to that list skills and competencies you can easily learn that apply to the passion.

Step four. Now, turn your focus externally to yourself and think about the market. What jobs, careers, or entrepreneur ventures are possibilities that fit both your passion and your competencies? Do this market evaluation for each of the passion areas in which you have significant skills and competencies.

Step Five. Continue to think about your passionate areas in which you have competencies until one or more possibilities arise that you want to pursue.

What has been the outcome for you? I’d love to hear from you on this. Thanks for sharing.

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