The Story of a Positive Deviant

What do you do when faced with an impossible task? Jerry Sternin found out. He studied positive deviants, and in an impossible time frame, with essentially no money, and using a radical approach, he figured out how to save starving children in Vietnam. Jerry and Monique Sternin were on staff with Save the Children, which […]

The Triple Bottom Line

The phrase “the triple bottom line” was first coined in 1994 by John Elkington, who was the founder of a British consultancy called SustainAbility and is the Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Volans, a business focusing on sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation. Elkington argued that companies should be preparing three different (and quite separate) bottom […]

The Fearless Leader’s Secrets

We all want the secrets to success, and even those with leadership skills, or tendencies, will want to know what they can do to become better, more powerful, more fearless leaders. You’ll find as you read through the blogs I’ll be presenting to you over the next few months unique practices and habits, the secrets […]