How I Missed My Mindfulness

Losing, even temporarily, your ability to be mindful can have potentially devastating results. In 1996, I was six months pregnant and, although feeling distinctly unwell, I had committed to facilitate what was a very important meeting for a global director of JP Morgan. Two days prior to the meeting, a nurse practitioner had told me […]

Think With Mindfulness

“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).”  – James Baraz John Kabat-Zinn, an advocate of mindfulness meditation, sees parallels […]

Mastering Your Mind Control – and Why It Matters

What if you don’t master your own mind? Without mastery of your own mind, you can easily fall victim to your own undisciplined thoughts. Out of control in the most important moments of your life, you will most likely be unfocused. The result of surrendering to the negative thoughts will mean that you have minimized […]

Controlling Your Mindset

Are you at your best in the most important moments of your life? Creating the right thoughts, emotions and mindset in the most challenging personal or professional situations gives you an edge on success and happiness that others can only wish for. If you don’t control your mindset, then you may be victimizing yourself. Mental […]

Mastering Mental Preparation

Every situation requires a slightly different mindset in order to optimize your success in it. To be a good mindset maniac, you must know what thoughts and emotions help you the most and how to change your thoughts and emotions when they are not helping you. There are two parts to be at your best […]

Show Up Ready

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli Are you ready for the best and most important moments of your life? Mindset Maniacs are. Are you confident and in control when you most need to be? As you prepare for your biggest challenges in life, do you know […]

Money and the Fear of Success

Conscious mental blocks cause you to have a misaligned mind, or a mind that is out of control resulting in thoughts and actions that don’t match your intentions. Here, I’d like to walk you through the conscious and subconscious conflict, particularly as it applies to money and success. To begin, conscious and subconscious beliefs and […]

Aligned Minds

“Your mindset is your attitude!” – Kimberly Reed What gets you off to a great start? Whether you’re about to close on a big sale or interview for a new job, your mindset in approaching any goal-oriented situation can absolutely make or break you. Our experience in working closely with professional athletes and military Special […]

Life Lessons from the Inside

Did you know that psychopaths can teach you things about happiness? Really. In researching his landmark book, “The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success,” scientist Kevin Dutton visited Broadmoor, England’s best-known high-security psychiatric hospital. He , interviewed psychopaths whose most typical traits included, among other things, fearlessness, […]

Recognizing the Extraordinary in the Everyday

We’ve stressed the importance of mindset and nothing validates that more than the story of Admiral William McRaven. You’ve also learned the value of higher consciousness and mindfulness when approaching risky situations and even in every day operations. This next story is perhaps, another view at the possibility for seeking more from mindfulness and consciousness […]