Your Own Change Story

We’ve been exploring motivation, as it relates to business and especially to fearless leaders. How can you apply the motivation concepts with the people who report to you or who you surround yourself with? You’ll remember I mentioned the famous “Illusion of Control” experiment in which lottery numbers (in a test study) often sold back […]

Mastering Your Mind Through Physiological Response

Physiological Responses To master your mind, you might also want to pay attention to your physiological responses as well as your thoughts. Notice when there’s tension in your shoulders, hands, abdomen or face. The most important thing is to learn to monitor your breath. How are you breathing? Shallowly and rapidly in your upper chest? […]

High Performers Are Mindset Maniacs

The mindset with which you begin an activity, project, or meeting sets the tone and energy for its duration. It can either accelerate your success or slow it down. Having an aligned mind creates a powerful positive energy. It eliminates mental blocks to success, so you can focus on accomplishing your goal. Rebecca Lolosoli, the […]

Portrait of a Fearless Leader: Leymah Gbowee

Even if you generally don’t blame, complain or make excuses, spending too much of your time around people who do will have an undue influence on you. The classic sitcom Seinfeld is a great example of the ripple effect of negativity. Emotionally crippled by their own insecurities, Seinfeld and his friends preferred to spend their […]

Cathy’s Fearless Nosedive, Part 2

In my last blog, I started recounting my efforts to get an a license in skydiving. Despite several injuries, I was still at it. In one particularly notorious jump, I’d just come to a few hundred feet off the ground during one jump. And then I passed out again. Fortunately, during my dogleg turn, I […]

My Fearless Nosedive (and Accepting Blame)

One of my fearless goals was to get an A license in skydiving. To qualify for the license I needed several things: To have taken a number of jumps at various heights, To be tested in my positioning upon jumping from the plane and opening my chute, To be tested in my ability to flare […]

Leadership Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

“Problems always involve risk.” – Anonymous People want inspirational leaders. Do you inspire those you lead? Do you inspire them with your courage and willingness to take well thought out risks? Do you stay with what’s comfortable or push yourself out of your comfort zone and inspire others to do the same? Can you imagine […]

How I Put On My ‘Oxygen Mask’ to Survive

Let me talk to you about a particular moment in my life when I needed to be courageous, fearless and a leader. By all outward indications, my life was a success. I had a lucrative career as an executive at a global firm. I was living in an eight-bedroom house on a very large estate […]