The SEAL Ethos and Fearless Leadership

While I am not a military professional, I am a Behavioral Scientist who has been fortunate to be asked to share my insights on the subject of leadership development and emotional and social intelligence with this community in support of future leaders across the Joint Special Operations Forces (JSOF). I take comfort in knowing, by […]

High Performers Are Mindset Maniacs

The mindset with which you begin an activity, project, or meeting sets the tone and energy for its duration. It can either accelerate your success or slow it down. Having an aligned mind creates a powerful positive energy. It eliminates mental blocks to success, so you can focus on accomplishing your goal. Rebecca Lolosoli, the […]

Portrait of a Fearless Leader: Leymah Gbowee

Even if you generally don’t blame, complain or make excuses, spending too much of your time around people who do will have an undue influence on you. The classic sitcom Seinfeld is a great example of the ripple effect of negativity. Emotionally crippled by their own insecurities, Seinfeld and his friends preferred to spend their […]

Cathy’s Fearless Nosedive, Part 2

In my last blog, I started recounting my efforts to get an a license in skydiving. Despite several injuries, I was still at it. In one particularly notorious jump, I’d just come to a few hundred feet off the ground during one jump. And then I passed out again. Fortunately, during my dogleg turn, I […]

My Fearless Nosedive (and Accepting Blame)

One of my fearless goals was to get an A license in skydiving. To qualify for the license I needed several things: To have taken a number of jumps at various heights, To be tested in my positioning upon jumping from the plane and opening my chute, To be tested in my ability to flare […]

Leadership Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

“Problems always involve risk.” – Anonymous People want inspirational leaders. Do you inspire those you lead? Do you inspire them with your courage and willingness to take well thought out risks? Do you stay with what’s comfortable or push yourself out of your comfort zone and inspire others to do the same? Can you imagine […]

‘I Will Never Quit’ – Captain Castro’s Story

“I will never quit.” That statement is not just a phrase on Captain Iván Castro’s Army Special Forces insignia. It’s both a statement of purpose as well as the philosophy by which he lives his life. Tip of the Spear, a publication dedicated to supporting our troops, perfectly illustrated this story of Captain Iván Castro. […]

Be Willing To Die . . . In Order To Succeed

Battling longstanding cultural traditions, ones that are harmful despite their being embedded in people’s way of living in a society, takes courage – the courage of a fearless leader. A fearless leader such as Rebecca Lolosoli, who lives in Kenya and is part of the Samburu people. In her culture, women are considered possessions. They […]

Fearless Leader: Christie Hefner

Stepping off the path of familiarity into the unknown is common to other well-known and hugely successful individuals as well. In fact, the ability to take a leap of faith may be a characteristic of success. Certainly, when Christie Hefner became president of the then-financially ailing Playboy, it took nerves of titanium not just to […]

Fearless Leader: Susan Lyne, Risk-Taker

If you don’t control fear, then fear will control you and possibly sabotage your most valued goals. Take Susan Lyne. Named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in 2011, Lyne is the perfect example of a Fearless Leader willing to take risks and potentially fail in order to succeed. As an inexperienced programming executive at […]